During this webinar, our governance experts lay the groundwork for family directors to develop their own skills while gaining an understanding of how effective boards work. Topics include:

  • Characteristics and responsibilities of effective boards
  • How qualified family directors add value inside and outside of the boardroom
  • Critical skills and competencies for family directors to develop
  • Preparing for the director role, from board meetings to stakeholder communication
  • Inside the boardroom: when to engage and when to listen
  • Understanding expectations and sourcing the right help and resources

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Family directors who are either new to their role or established and looking for fresh ideas to further their development
  • Family members considering joining the board of directors
  • Board leaders seeking to build board effectiveness
  • Family owners in the beginning phase of establishing a functioning board

This 1.5-hour recording includes Q&A from attendees. 

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