It’s our core belief that multi-generational family enterprises are precious and vitally important to the economies and social fabric of the world.

Our team are experts in all areas of family business, with strong educational, research and practical experience. They’re dedicated to being the best in the field, sharing knowledge, mentoring and collaborating to provide your family with the best possible counsel. They know how to navigate sensitive family issues as well as critical business needs.

With over 3,000 client families in 70 countries, our consultant team has successfully led businesses across industries, family structures and cultures through the issues — common and uncommon — faced by families in 
business together.

Our Approach

We always seek the greatest good for the family and business as a whole.

No two enterprising families or family businesses are the same. We approach each new engagement without preconceived notions so we can accurately assess your situation and identify your unique challenges — as well as unique solutions to manage them.

For every situation, our consultants bring a breadth and depth of experience to match. When necessary, they partner with peers to leverage the best possible expertise on your behalf. This team-based model gives you access to an impressive scope of knowledge, skills and insightful perspectives, so you can be confident you have the right counsel for your investment.

Our principles

Our only goal is helping your family achieve yours.

Your success is our sole focus and guides every conversation, every recommendation and our continued growth. We don’t engage in financial transactions or conflicts of interest that could undermine the independence and integrity our clients trust.

We place the welfare of our clients as the highest priority.
The integrity of your family and business deserves carefully considered and compassionate counsel.
We keep our word and fulfill our commitments.
Your business is your livelihood and legacy, so we approach our work with respect and integrity.
We provide accurate, relevant information to foster informed choices.
Through efficient research and discussions with family members, we can offer fresh insights and a clear path forward.
We honor personal confidences.
Family dynamics can be complex and finding effective resolutions requires our care and discretion.
We disclose potential conflicts of interest.
Transparency is crucial to ensure we’re always working toward the best interests of your family and enterprise.
We protect our clients’ confidentiality.
We understand that privacy is paramount to protecting your family, reputation and competitive advantage.
We neither pay nor accept referral fees for consulting.
Our relationship is built on a passion for your success and a trust that’s earned, not financial incentives.
We do not accept gifts of significant value.
We believe maintaining clear boundaries in our business relationships fosters clarity and accountability.
We do not serve on boards of directors or as trustees of companies for which we consult.
An independent, unbiased perspective is how we’re able to find the balance between family and business needs.

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