Family Enterprise

We understand how enterprising families work.

In family enterprises, family dynamics and business concerns are two halves of a whole. It takes balance to ensure both can be leveraged to add value. Our holistic approach applies safe processes and structures that work in harmony across the board to create alignment, reduce conflict and eliminate roadblocks to better outcomes.

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Family Wealth

Shared prosperity and security takes finding common ground.

Alignment in business extends to the wealth it produces. Whether the goal is to sustain, grow or donate philanthropically, your family faces the same challenges and opportunities. We work with client families to articulate a clear vision for their shared wealth, communicate effectively and establish processes for making fair and equitable decisions consistently.

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Trusted Providers & Advisors

Clients value your perspective. Help them realize their opportunities.

If you serve families in business or with shared assets, you’ve likely seen their challenges up close. You know they can hinder a client’s ability to act on your professional recommendations. We can help you understand those challenges and their impact on critical business, wealth and estate decisions. We can also partner with you to work directly with the family.

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Family Business Programs

We share your passion for family businesses and the resources to support them.

We’re all invested in the success of the family business community. We often partner with Family Business Programs to provide keynote speeches, workshops and other resources that educate and empower member companies. Our consultants can also advise on program planning and content development so your members benefit from our combined experience and support.

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Trade Associations

When family businesses succeed, industries thrive.

Family businesses are the backbone of our industries, and trade associations are essential to their success. They help families see and plan for challenges coming around the corner. By partnering with us, they can also provide educational resources to help member companies master the particular challenges and opportunities in owning a family business.

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Franchises & Dealer Groups

Plan today to make the next generation capable, confident leaders.

Franchisees and dealers have to be thoughtful about passing on their businesses to the next generation. Without corporate approval from the franchisor or manufacturer, they can’t step into a leadership role. We help you plan for an effective succession and provide leadership development to prepare the next generation for the responsibilities ahead.

Franchise & Dealer Groups

Find answers to your questions and solutions to your most complex problems.

Improved processes, education and communication lead to better outcomes for the health of the enterprise and harmony of the family. Whether a family member, advisor or provider, we’ll help you assess the situation and understand your best options. We know the common challenges families in business face, as well as approach your unique needs with a fresh, unbiased perspective.

Succession and Continuity Planning

How do we create a succession plan that ensures a smooth transition and lays the foundation for future generations?

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Organizing and Educating the Family

How can we be more effective leaders, owners and stewards while leveraging the diverse strengths of family members?

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Ownership Alignment

How can we work together to make ownership decisions with a unified voice?

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Board Development and Search

Do we need a formal board of directors, and what would their roles and responsibilities look like?

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Preparing the Next Generation

What skills and structures will our children need to be good owners, managers and directors?

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Communication and Conflict Resolution

How can we put personal issues aside and work together to make decisions in everyone’s best interest?

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Strategic Planning

How do we create a strategic plan that achieves both the vision of the family and the business?

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Policy Development

What agreements do we need in place to make better decisions and avoid future conflict?

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Change and growth begin with education. It’s at the heart of what we do.

Our educational programs break down complex challenges and shed light on the opportunities they present. We produce more than 100 educational sessions every year for enterprising families, franchisees, dealers and trade associations. Drawing on deep expertise and real-world experience, our team creates custom workshops and presentations to give enterprising families the confidence to take positive action.

Articles, Events and Resources Exclusively for Family Businesses

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