Working with siblings can be one of the greatest personal and professional experiences an individual can have. It can also be one of the greatest challenges, especially when the founder transitions family business ownership to the next generation. For many siblings, this is the first time they sit around a table as equals and discuss their hopes and fears for the future.

During this webinar, we’ll share three essential areas where siblings need to clarify their shared purpose and expectations for the family enterprise going forward:

  • Roles and decision making: Who’s doing what? Who has what authority and autonomy?
  • Leadership: Where does the buck stop? How will we determine our next leader?
  • Ownership: What does ownership look like in our family business? What’s our new reality? What will change?

Investing the time and energy into these conversations will not only help with the transition but also teach siblings how to listen to each other and effectively launch their partnership.

This webinar is ideal for founders and siblings starting the planning process and those who have made the transition and need help with alignment. Running time: 60 minutes.

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