Neil found himself with a dilemma. On one hand was a significant windfall profit; on the other was a challenge to the values with which he grew up.

Neil was a G4 member of a business family that was a market leader and a trusted name nationally in construction and building materials. The company’s success largely happened because of vision of one man — Jason McHugh — and the values instilled in the family by its matriarch — Jason’s wife, Jenna. Jenna taught them value of hard work, honesty and keeping your promise. Conditioned with strong values, all four children were diligent and honest, just like their dad. Jenna found her audience in the grandkids; she would share the stories of past struggles and triumphs. She also instilled in them a strong sense of right and wrong through the family values.

And now, here was Neil, who was offered (almost blatantly) to reduce the quality of mix in the concrete construction to levels that still met code and were still safe, but were certainly not up to the standards of the company, which exceeded the state’s requirements.

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This article originally appeared in the January/February 2023 issue of Family Business Magazine. (Shared with permission.)