Christopher J. Eckrich
P: 260-450-1517

Areas of Expertise

  • Next Generation Education & Leadership Development
  • Succession & Continuity
  • Conflict & Communication Management
  • Family Council Development
  • Alignment Around Policies/Family Constitutions

The most rewarding part of my work is helping families use their talents and skills to make huge gains in organization, communication and trust amongst the ownership group and management group.


Christopher J. Eckrich

A senior advisor of The Family Business Consulting Group, Chris specializes in building leadership excellence and maintaining family unity in enterprising families. He provides family members with the skills and strategies to successfully manage working relationships and reduce the natural conflict that’s present when family members work together. 

Chris’s commitment to the family business field began with his family history of entrepreneurship in meat processing and other industries. His clients include family businesses from a wide variety of business sectors and other asset-owning families. 

He has presented at national conferences and regularly gives seminars and workshops on family organization and governance, succession planning, building leadership, managing relationships, and preventing conflict in business and asset owning families. He’s also served on several review committees for the Family Firm Institute. 

Chris’s articles have appeared in academic and business publications. In addition, he co-authored The Family Council Handbook: How to Create, Run, and Maintain a Successful Family Business Council, a comprehensive resource for enterprising families who want to organize themselves to achieve long-term family and business goals.

As an adjunct faculty member at The University of Notre Dame, Chris taught Family Enterprise Strategy to both MBA and undergraduate students, and has been involved in alumni education activities. He also served as a founding advisor to a university-based education center for family business owners and their families, where he led the Next Generation Leaders group.


  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Family Firm Institute


  • B.B.A. in organizational behavior from Notre Dame
  • Master’s degree and Ph.D. from Purdue University


Chris and his wife, Carol Ann, very much enjoy their work with their Church and reaching out to people who need hope and clarity about their futures. They live in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with their three children.

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