Family Business Conflict Archetypes, Frames, Roles, and Tactics are discussed in this book with a view toward educating readers to the common conflict cycles that family businesses encounter. More specifically the book will address twelve conflicts that are common in family owned businesses, how to spot them and how to resolve them.

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“Kent Rhodes and David Lansky show a deep understanding of what it’s like to be involved in family business. They present the problem of conflict as normal and understandable and the process they propose for handling conflicts will help you manage continuing problems better and provide hope for solving problems you may have thought were unsolvable. Reading this book and implementing this process will be a blessing to both your family and your business.” – Steve Stewart, CEO, Stewart Brothers Drilling Company

“This book is a valuable resource to combat conflict in the family business forum. The steps of conflict resolution, reconciliation, and prevention of conflict provided by Rhodes and Lansky are essential to a successful family business. They provide concrete tools and guidelines to manage and prevent conflict in a family business. Even more importantly, the concepts in this book will help the family involved in the business to flourish. This material is well worth the time for leaders of family businesses!” – Peter Robinson, Managing Director, Professor of Law, Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine University School of Law

“I loved Managing Conflict in the Family Business! It is easy to read and understand how to apply the lessons of communication. I want everyone in our family to read this book in the hopes of having less combative conflict in the future.” – Kathy Douglass, CEO, The Greensheet

“I am always looking for new insights to bring a fresh perspective to our current transition effort. This book has done a marvelous job of identifying and providing guidance to overcome some of the greatest hurdles we face in our challenges as family business leaders. I only wish we had had this book a generation ago. Anyone dealing in the field of family business will find valuable guidance in it.” – Dave Juday, Chairman of the Board, IDEAL Industries, Inc.

“This book is a concise manual listing the common conflict issues in family businesses. The exhibits provide specific checkpoints and step to illuminate and address these common family business conflicts.” – Fred R. Sasser, CEO, Sasser Family Holdings, Inc.