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Rekindling the Magic in Your Family Meetings

Many families use family meetings as the platform for building family cohesion, educating multiple generations of shareholders, and keeping the family connected with the business. Often, families launch a family meeting program with great enthusiasm and then struggle to sustain energy and engagement throughout the family over the long term.Family_Meeting_Webinar

During this one-hour program, Barbara Dartt and Joshua Nacht explore connecting with your sense of purpose for family meetings, and ways to evolve those goals as the family grows. We will also look at tangible ways to foster engagement, connectedness, and build the energy among the group to help craft family meetings that bring full value for family members.  

Topics covered include:

  • Connecting with your WHY to construct a successful family meeting.
  • Adapting the goals and approach of family meetings over time.
  • Rekindling the energy in meetings to build engagement with complex, multigenerational families.
  • Building strength by integrating diverse perspectives and viewpoints.
  • Identifying new approaches for families to create more enthusiasm, transparency and connection.


About the Presenters

Barbara Dartt, DVM, MS is a senior consultant for The Family Business Consulting Group, assisting businesses with succession strategies, long-term planning, management transitions and family governance implementation, as well as other opportunities and challenges unique to family-owned businesses. Barb is a frequent author and speaker on family businesses in the agricultural industry. She earned the Advanced Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute in 2014. Barb currently serves as a board director and is past-president of the Michigan FFA Foundation.

Joshua Nacht, Ph.D.  is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group. He brings a complementary mix of skills, attributes, and experience to his roles as a steward, scholar and consultant to family enterprises. Josh works with multigenerational families to manage their complexity and create opportunities by focusing on effective governance and transitions. Josh is a thought leader in the field, and the author of several articles pertaining to actionable family business concepts. His dissertation research, “The Role of the Family Champion,” received the 2016 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Family Firm Institute.

Additional Resources

Webinar Recording

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Family Meeting Services

Continually evaluating the family meeting and its structure, purpose and results is an important part of keeping the family engaged and excited to participate in the family business as owners and leaders. We regularly work with families to assess and improve existing family meeting structures, create new programs, and facilitate those meetings for optimal outcomes.

To learn more about how experienced facilitation can impact your next family meeting, please contact us at or 773-604-5005.

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