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Helping Family Businesses
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Succession & Continuity Planning

Building Structures for Success for Future Generations

Families worldwide enjoy the pride, connection, strategic advantage and the financial reward of having a successful family business. How do you protect what your family has worked so hard to build?

Many family businesses look to succession planning as the solution for ensuring the viability of the family business. However, many business owners look at succession as an event – a day in the life of their business when they hand the reins to their children, neices and nephews.

We believe that succession planning is an ongoing process that includes critical decisions as well as careful planning and preparation in order to successfully transition ownership, leadership and management of the business and the family's assets to successive generations.

Continuity planning is the term that we use to look at the whole of the family and the business and design a custom plan that aligns with the family’s values, builds a strong foundation for future business success, prepares successors for increased leadership and ownership responsibilities, and creates a seamless transition to the next generation and beyond. Successful continuity planning can foresee the unique challenges faced by sibling teams, cousin teams, and larger groups of owners/shareholders and puts in place the structures to ensure strong leadership and effective decision making, all while protecting family relationships.

Our extensive experience serving the unique issues and needs of thousands of family businesses worldwide has made The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. an indispensable partner for family enterprises concerned with creating the strongest possible future for both business and family.

To learn more about our comprehensive approach to succession & continuity planning, contact us.

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