At some point, most family firms will be advised to consider placing ownership of their business into a trust structure as part of their estate planning efforts. Frequently, these business owners are not aware of the impacts of this change in terms of decision-making, governance, and family dynamics until challenges surface. The result is that some trusts are highly effective in their purpose, while others fail to achieve the owners’ vision, creating disruption along the way. Whether you’re currently considering setting up a trust or have had one for generations, there are things you can do to support success.

In this conversational session, FBCG consultants Greg Greenleaf and Amy Wirtz will delve into the science of the trust’s structure and the art of its application based on real-world experiences, including:

  • Common unanticipated consequences of ownership trusts
  • Critical considerations in designing the trust to support a thriving business and family
  •  The many ways a trustee adds value and how to design and select for that role
  •  How to educate and engage the family as effective beneficial owners
  •  Key questions for your attorneys/advisors to build shared understanding and optimize your outcomes 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: FBCG nor its Consultants are acting as an attorney for you, your family, or your company. While we interact with many families and their legal representatives, we are not practicing attorneys and are prohibited from giving legal advice. Please consult with your own legal representatives for the purposes of planning for your personal estate and business legal planning.

This one-hour webinar also includes time for Q&A. Click here for the Glossary of Terms.