Family business planning has traditionally centered on two issues – estate planning and succession. These goals are far too limited for today’s family firm. Business families want to turn the business into not only a tool for profit, but for self-expression, innovation and legacy. The authors introduce the new concept of the Parallel Planning Process, explaining how to integrate the needs and expectations of the family and business systems in order to create an organic and entrepreneurial unit. Planning and decision making templates are included as well as studies of well-known family businesses.

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Strategic Planning for the Family Business is a very thoughtful and valuable book. It offers a superb kaleidoscope of the dynamics of the family business. Professors Carlock and Ward’s notion of the Parallel Planning Process turns out to be a highly original and extremely effective way of diagnosing and intervening in such complex organizations. If I would find myself on a desert island with a family business (I agree that is quite a surrealistic thought), and was asked to help the various stakeholders, and could only resort to one book for guidance, this book would be my first choice.”
—Manfred F.R. Kets de Vries, Raoul de Vitry d’Avaucourt Professor of Human Resource Management, Clinical Professor of Leadership Development INSEAD, France & Singapore

“The leaders of business families and family businesses will find this book a precious tool as they confront the many challenges of planning for the family and the business. Carlock and Ward draw from their many years of experience as educators, consultants and board members to make the text stimulating, relevant and of practical utility. I forecast that Strategic Planning for the Family Business will remain a benchmark of best practice for many years to come.”
—Alden G. Lank, President, Family Business Network and Stephan Schmidheiny, Professor of Family Enterprises Emeritus, IMD, Switzerland

“The authors draw on their extensive experience and carefully illustrate how their innovative Parallel Planning Process works to establish the personal, financial and strategic priorities of both family and business. Moreover, they offer a useful method to forge a workable continuity plan. This book is a must read for anyone interested in planning for the continuity of the family business.”
—Ivan Lansberg, Founding Partner, Lansberg Gerswick & Associates, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

“This is a book that family business owners, advisers and researchers have been waiting for. Too often business families have been told to separate family interests from business interests because traditional models did not take account of the emotional dimension in the rational business planning process. Finally, we have in this book a definitive guide that incorporates and balances the family’s aspirations for their enterprise, their expectations of returns as investors, their involvement in the governance of the business and the formulation of a viable business strategy for the family’s enterprise. Ward and Carlock’s new book integrates the key theories underpinning the body of knowledge in the field of family business, and in so doing, marks the coming of age of the field. This book comes highly recommended to all students of family enterprise, be they business families, advisers or academics.”
—Barbara Murray, Ph.D., Lansberg Gersick Associates

“Help for business families who strive for improved strategic performance and family harmony.”
—Stanford Business