Shawna Lecuyer is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group with 25 years of experience working with multiple generations of families in complex business settings. Known for her curiosity, empathy, and growth mindset, Shawna specializes in coaching and mentoring leaders to create a legacy aligned with personal values. Her expertise in both family and business runs deep, allowing her to speak the language of business, while understanding dynamics that can naturally cause conflict. 

“Shawna has distinguished herself through a career of service to family firms, as a key executive, board advisor, board member, and educator, with particular depth in human capital and governance concerns,” said Kristi Daeda, president of The Family Business Consulting Group. “She blends this with a deep commitment to helping families and their leaders develop and thrive in pursuit of their vision for the future. We’re thrilled to welcome Shawna to the team.”

Shawna’s passion for family-held business is rooted in experience leading in-house legal, human resources, and risk functions. She spent an appreciable amount of time building board and family governance systems with an emphasis on next-generation education and development. 

“My career was built in the family-held business environment where I had the pleasure of working with a team that bonded over shared values,” said Shawna. “It is an honor to carry those experiences forward as a member of FBCG, working alongside such knowledgeable and devoted family advisors. I’m excited to be part of a culture where shared learning is the norm, and discovering opportunities together in support of the families we serve is so widely encouraged.”