Career development is often neglected in family firms, yet it is essential to the continuous process of building leadership capacity for the future.  A well-planned and effective career-development process enables individuals meet the strategic challenges of the future. This guide enables family businesses to shed their “sink or swim” attitudes and foster the development of highly skilled leaders for succeeding generations of success.

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Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy: Career Development in the Family Business takes family business owners from the typical “sink or swim” attitude to a win-win situation of individual growth resulting in a talented management pool for the business. Learn the difference between performance appraisals and the career development process, as well as why they should be kept separate. Amy Shulman discusses the importance of a clear, fair process in family business management selections. This book is an invaluable aid in avoiding the pitfalls of career development avoidance. A must-read for any family with “up and coming” family members!” – Gigi Cohen, Executive Vice President, Magid Glove & Safety Mfg. Co., LLC

“Charting one’s course in the family business is not an easy task. Emotions, sense of responsibilities, and family rivalries often bring about tensions that are difficult to deal with. Nurturing the Talent to Nurture the Legacy provides an excellent structure through which to manage both family and non-family career paths. Implementing structures such as these, gives a family the capacity to manage these tensions in a proactive rather than a reactive manner.” – Andrew D. Keyt, Executive Director, Loyola University Chicago Family Business Center

“I just ordered a fresh supply of publications from your Family Business Leadership Series. Clients and friends of our firm genuinely enjoy these booklets. They are well-written, easy to understand, and offer specific advice. In addition, the strength of your most recent publications in this series confirm that you are far from reaching the end of your ideas for helpful advice to family business owners and individual family members who share interests in a common business enterprise.” – Joe M. Goodman, Attorney-at-Law, Holton Goodman & Blackstone, PC, Nashville, TN