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Getting Started with Family Governance is a one-day, virtual program to support enterprising families on the road to creating structures and programs to keep the family engaged. Led by subject matter experts and consultants with broad and deep experience in family governance structures, this program is for any family member or family enterprise leader that wants to learn about family governance structures and processes, and any family that is considering or on  the path to creating a family council, family assembly, constitution or other governance approach.

What You’ll Learn

Through a mix of presentations and discussions with faculty and other participants, we’ll cover:

  • What is Family Governance?
    Learn the foundations of family governance including its purpose, common structures and terminology.
  • Family Governance in the Family Business System
    Find out the unique role that family governance plays and its interface with the family, board and other structures.
  • Family Governance as Family Glue
    Discover through case studies and scenarios how families use family governance to pursue their vision, values and goals.
  • Building Family Governance
    Understand types of family governance structures and how families use process to create a family governance structure that lasts. 

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for family members and family enterprise leaders who are curious about the various ways that families envision and implement family governance, and may be especially valuable for:

  • Current or future family council members who are new to governance concepts,
  • Family members and leaders who are considering formalizing or evolving the way the family organizes and educates its members, including creating family councils, policies, assemblies, educational curriculums, family retreats, and more,
  • Leaders preparing for generational transition who would like to understand how family governance supports success across generations,
  • Board members, including independent directors, who would benefit from a better understanding of the purpose and function of family governance and its interactions with the board of directors.

This session would also be an appropriate part of a family business educational curriculum as an overview to family governance.

We welcome groups of up to four per family. To ensure all attendees best benefit from the program, attendance is restricted to 75 attendees and is subject to approval by conference organizers. Registration is subject to approval by program organizers. Please note that advisers to family businesses may attend only with family members.

“I really enjoyed the small group sessions because they made me feel like we are ‘normal’ and are on the right track. The challenges can be worked out with the right tools and mindset and a lot of patience.  Getting stuck on the past is REAL for many.”
GeorgeAnne Elmore, Robinson Family Management

Our Virtual Delivery Model Format

FBCG’s virtual educational programs are designed to be interactive and energizing through a mix of presentations, group engagement, small- and large-group discussion, and supplemental learning materials. Most attendees will participate in the entire session live and meet with other family business leaders on-camera to build community and new connections during the session. High speed internet is recommended.

For those who cannot join live, recordings of main stage sessions will be made available for 30 days after the program. Small group discussions cannot be recorded.

Registration Fee

  • $525 includes instruction, downloadable resources and recordings of main stage sessions

Please refer all registration questions to Sierra Moen at or (773) 661-4417.

If you would like to discuss the program and whether it is a good fit for you, please contact Kristi Daeda at or (773) 784-5008.