Here Aronoff and Ward show siblings and cousins how to work together on key issues that are critical to the future success of the business including how to attract the most capable family members into leadership roles, how to develop agreement among many owners and how to create a “cousin collaboration”.

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“As one in the third generation (the cousin generation) with over 25 years of exposure to family business issues, Dr. Aronoff’s From Siblings to Cousins was right on the mark. Not only did the author(s) identify the key differences between sibling and cousin generations, but he (they) also offered practical solutions to maximize family effectiveness, therefore maximizing the value of the family business.” – Chris McKee, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Sales, McKee Foods

“After reading From Siblings to Cousins I felt the book had to be based on the experience and stories from our family business. As a member of a ‘Cousin Collaboration’ it was amazing to read about how many similar issues family businesses face regardless of the type of business or size. For families that are in the process of succession planning from the siblings to cousins, this book is a must read.” – Peter Goldberg, President, AmTrust Bank

“While being concise and quite readable, Siblings to Cousins thoughtfully examines the critical aspects of transitioning from a sibling- to a cousin-owned business and provides a tangible blueprint for achieving long-term family business continuity. Drs. Craig Aronoff and John Ward are among the very few authors who have the breadth and depth of experience with multigenerational family businesses required to formulate such a meaningful yet accessible framework for the issues surrounding this complex transition. As a 4th generation member of a family dedicated to the continuity of our family business, I found this book to be both insightful and useful; I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in the long term health of family businesses.” – Kent Johnson, CEO, Highlights for Children, Inc., Columbus, OH