Sibling and cousin partnerships almost always come about by chance rather than choice.

Non-family partnerships are forged to capitalize on market opportunities whilst family partnerships are formed to help parents feel as though they’ve treated their children equally or to minimize estate taxes. Sometimes, but not usually, these partnerships are formed because siblings and cousins want to be in business together.

Family business expert Dana Telford will share his seven fundamental principles critical to evolving your partnership from one of biological chance to strategic choice. You’ll discover how to think objectively about where you might improve as a partner while also striving to identify and enhance these qualities in your family partners. Some key factors to rate yourself and your partnership include:

  • Does your behavior exhibit the character you seek out and trust in others?
  • How do your skills and attributes complement those of your partners?
  • What unique and valuable capabilities do you bring to this partnership?
  • Are you willing to back up your commitment with real action, even when that means significant sacrifice?
  • How willing you are to overlook differences in opinion and style and collaborate with your family business partners?

The webinar runs 90 minutes: 60 minutes of presentation and interview followed by a 30-minute Q&A session. 

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