The first ever comprehensive guide to family business succession planning. This book covers everything from what family business ownership is and how to structure ownership bylaws to business structure, leadership transition, and how a founder exits the business.

Drawing on original research, case studies, and white papers, Family Business Succession is a thorough, complete, and “required reading” for every family member working in a family business.

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“All too often, family businesses rely on the success of the past and are unprepared for the future. Finally, we have an all-in-one guide to running this unique type of organization from two highly respected pioneers in the field, with a particularly valuable emphasis on leading transition and change.” Marshall Goldsmith, author/editor of 34 books, including New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“This book is a must read for business owning families who want to transition successfully from one generation to the next. The authors provide a resource that is practical and will resonate with family shareholders, employees, non-family management, and advisors to family businesses. Succession planning must be ever-present, and the complexities associated with that journey are discussed with purpose, clarity, and wisdom.” Scott McCain, President and Chief Operating Officer, Agribusiness Group, Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

“If you want your family business to succeed, this book is for you! Great for all shareholders from those new to family business to the veterans. The authors ask the questions you may not have thought to ask yourself, verifying that you have covered all your bases from shareholder agreements to leadership succession. Family Business Succession is a must read for all who want the best for their family business.” Phil Clemens, Chairman/CEO, The Clemens Family Corporation

“I have learned over the years that the common bond which all family businesses share is the challenge of Generational Transition. Having a guide and plan as provided by Kelly and Jennifer is a valuable contribution that will enhance the success of these critical transitions.” Victoria Mars, 4th generation family member and Corporate Ombudsman