Identifying and developing leaders in a family business can be more difficult than traditional business. Here Aronoff and Baskin discuss the different styles of leadership and what style might work with what family member including the Directing Leader, the Coaching Leader, the Counseling Leader and the Delegating Leader.

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“After 18 years in our family business I have never read any work that has so effectively and efficiently encapsulated the elements of effective leadership within family business. Even more impressive is that Drs. Aronoff and Baskin have identified that leadership within these organizations can be found at many levels and in a variety of styles. Regardless of your aspirations, if you are associated with a family business you need to read Effective Leadership in the Family Business.” – Brian Graham, CEO, Nioxin Research Laboratories, Inc., Lithia Springs, GA

“In my new position as vice chairman, I found this book to be an easy read, enlightening and inspiring. Effective Leadership in the Family Business is about attitude, leadership, and family dynamics. Family members will understand the importance of bringing the family, management, and owners together to ‘guide the business in accordance with the wishes of the owners and values of the family.” – Nancy Goedecke, Vice Chairman, Mayer Electric Distributing Co., Birmingham, AL

Effective Leadership in the Family Business represents a pragmatic view, written by two friends, both of whom have served as trusted advisors to my family. This book is easy to follow and is consistent with the significant body of research that Drs. Basking and Aronoff have spent a lifetime involved in creating and applying in real world settings. Reading this book will assist members of family owned businesses to gain valuable insight, and jumpstart the sense-making process within the family business enterprise.” – Steve Fazio, Fazio, Inc., Los Angeles, CA