Designed for families planning to draft a Family Agreement, families deciding whether or not to begin the process, and those that have already established a Family Agreement, this book illustrates the fundamental components and their importance to the success of the family business.

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“The authors address a most critical and delicate topic in a concrete and thought-provoking way, without imposing pre-defined solutions. It is clear that the book is a result of practical experience. Anyone concerned about their family business should read it, even if they have not yet planned a family constitution, to reflect upon the future.” – Michele Alessi Anghini, CEO, Alessi Spa, Italy

“The Concept of a ‘Family Constitution’ is a powerful one. Not just for the ‘family’ but also for the non-family executives. Daniela Montemerlo and John Ward’s book provides both a comprehensive framework for understanding the subject and also a very thoughtful approach on how to execute it well. It will be of value to those about to develop or revisit a family agreement or constitution. I totally subscribe to their premise that it’s the ‘going through the process’ rather than ‘striving for the perfect document’ which is the outcome where real value for both business and family is realized.” – John Varley, Non-family CEO, The Clinton Devon Estates, Devon

“The authors have combined their theoretical preparation with their wide practical experience, giving us a new, very actual vision on family constitutions’ formulations and on their effect over time.” – Gioacchino Attanzio, CEO, AldAF, Italian Association of Family Firms, Italy

“The book provides an insight to a structured way of creating a family constitution which addresses all possible issues. Personally, we as a family would not have been able to make such a robust constitution for our business without the help of this book.” – Rohit George, AV George Group of Companies, India