Oscar Paez joins The Family Business Consulting Group as a consultant experienced in management, finance, succession planning, next generation development and corporate governance.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Oscar to FBCG. His background in wealth management combined with his international experience in family business consulting will make him an excellent addition to the team,” said David Karofsky, principal of The Family Business Consulting Group. “We look forward to Oscar adding to FBCG’s presence with Latin American families and serving multilingual/multicultural families as part of his practice.”

Oscar has worked with Multilatinas, family offices and enterprising families and has held positions at financial companies such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, Credit Suisse, Ultralat, Alpax, and UBS, where he headed the Colombian Office until 2020. 

“From the very beginning of my journey with FBCG, I was captivated by the incredible depth of talent and expertise present within our multidisciplinary team,” said Oscar. “The collaborative environment fosters a unique blend of diverse perspectives, empowering us to make a significant impact in the lives of family-owned businesses globally. This sense of purpose and the chance to contribute to the success and sustainability of these enterprises were the driving forces behind my decision to join.”

Oscar was the CEO of Productos Alimenticios el Galpon, a manufacturer of animal feed and pet food and a member of the Board of Directors of Family Business Network USA and the Scuba Therapeutic Institute. He has served on boards such as ANDI’s food industry chamber, Concentrados el Galpón, Crispy Fruits, Swiss Colombian Chamber of Commerce, and Family Business Network Colombia. 

Welcome to the team, Oscar.