In good times and in bad, a solid foundation will help support whatever comes down the road for your family business. During this webinar, principal consultant Dana Telford shares the five fundamentals that families should not only learn, but consistently revisit and practice in order to give their business the best chance for success. 

Drawing from real-life cases in his work with families around the world, Dana explains how to construct and maintain a strong foundation with the following building blocks:

  1. Aligned ownership 
  2. Effective board of advisors/directors
  3. Strategic planning
  4. Merit-based leadership
  5. Engaged family governance

Dana also discusses how these fundamentals can help keep family businesses grounded during times of uncertainty and crisis.

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Services for Building a Stronger Family and a Stronger Business

How do we help bring your family into alignment? The process begins by understanding the various aspects of the family and the business, including family dynamics and history, vision, mission, and culture as well as the structures of ownership and governance that interact with these systems. From there, we start to determine where the biggest opportunities are to establish agreement on key issues around the business, as well as what areas of education and facilitation will help equip shareholders to be effective stewards of the family’s legacy.

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