Does your family business need a clear set of expectations and system of accountability for family members? Perhaps it’s time to think about family governance.

During this primer, we’ll introduce essential tools to help your family improve communication, resolve differences and work toward a common goal. You’ll also learn how to talk about family governance with management, owners and other stakeholders to build support for this important initiative.

This introductory webinar is geared toward family businesses in the early stages of establishing policies, procedures and structure for communication and decision making within their families. Topics include:

  • Understanding family governance and its benefits.
  • Determining what structures fit your family.
  • Starting and organizing a family council with a step-by-step process.
  • Deciding who should participate and in what role.
  • Using charters, ground rules and constitutions.
  • Establishing conflict resolution and decision-making plans.
  • Increasing sense of alignment on key issues.

After this session, you will have the essential tools to begin building the framework for your family’s governance structure while strengthening your family and your business.

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Continually evaluating the family meeting and its structure, purpose and results is an important part of keeping the family engaged and excited to participate in the family business as owners and leaders. We regularly work with families to assess and improve existing family meeting structures, create new programs, and facilitate those meetings for optimal outcomes.

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