Business is the language of numbers, but not everyone in businesses understands how to read the myriad of financial statements that are necessary. Author Norb Schwarz provides readers with accessible information to understanding financial statements such as annual reports, cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets and so much more.

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“This book comes along at a time when paying close attention to the numbers is critical. I applaud Norb Schwarz for showing in a practical, step-by-step manner how to understand financial statements from beginning to end so that the right questions are asked. Anyone who feels ‘stuck’ or ignorant when it comes to understanding the numbers for a business, public or private, will gain great insight and understanding after reading Family Business by the Numbers: How Financial Statements Impact Your Business.” – William E. Alt, President and CEO, Tyden Group, Inc. (former Partner, Ernst & Young)

Family Business by the Numbers is an excellent and highly readable resource for individuals without significant experience in business or financial matters. Schwarz provides a concise yet thorough guide for understanding the business story told through financial statements. The reader of this book will be able to better follow what is happening inside the company. This book is a valuable tool for both successor-owners of family-owned businesses, as well as for trusted advisors of these individuals who would benefit from a greater understanding of what is sure to a most significant asset. I would not hesitate to recommend this book to anyone wanting to be more confident and knowledgeable about their company’s financial results.” – Evan Kayes, Vice President, Harris Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago, IL

“It need not require a finance degree to unlock the wealth of information buried in your family business’ financial statements. I was impressed with the clear, non-technical explanations by which Schwarz helps you understand and analyze financial performance. Whether you are a manager or an inactive owner, Family Business by the Numbers provides the underpinnings necessary for ‘accounting-challenged’ owners to knowledgeably discuss their business’ financial results.” – Ross W. Nager, CPA, Sentinel Trust Company, Houston, Texas, (formerly Executive Director of the Arthur Andersen Center for Family Business)