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Aileen is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group specializing in continuity planning for family businesses and thoughtful transfer of intergenerational wealth. She works closely with families and leadership teams, supporting them in navigating the complexities that make family business, as well as life and wealth transitions, challenging.

Aileen brings a multi-disciplined and integrated approach to her work with family businesses, including  20 years of experience in complex financial and estate planning. She holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) and Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designations and is trained by Centre of Right Relationship in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. Her eclectic blend of professional experience positions her to help families through a parallel planning process that creates alignment between what is good for the family and what is good for the business — from a financial, leadership and relationship perspective.

Aileen is a trained professional facilitator in experiential learning techniques. Her goal is to provide effective family meeting experiences with the aim to help families increase their capacity and alignment for improved decision-making and wealth stewardship.

Through her work, she has found that many families fall into communication patterns which are unproductive to their relationships and business goals. Families that own assets together struggle with balancing management, ownership and family relationship perspectives. Aileen’s focus on coaching the family business as a “system” is highly engaging and provides families with the tools and skills necessary to transcend challenging communication patterns that keep them stuck.

Her facilitation and systems coaching approach creates a learning environment that moves the whole family and the business forward. Collaborating with the family’s existing professional advisors, Aileen helps families “tear down the walls” to generate greater resilience, stronger family bonds and increased capacity for alignment and progress in the face of change.

Aileen is co-author of Inspired Wealth, Financial Leadership for the 21st Century, a book that serves as a guide for making critical life choices about money to create a fulfilling life. She is a subject matter expert on best practices for affluent families and guides families through the unique opportunities and challenges they face in the areas of strategic planning, inter-generational alignment, family governance, business succession planning, estate planning and philanthropy. 


  • Succession & Continuity Planning
  • Family Systems Coaching & Governance
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Family Office
  • Wealth Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Next Generation Education
  • The Learning Family: Developing your Family's Capacity for Continuity
  • Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Building Capacity for Effective Family Governance
  • Leaper,  Bridge Builder or Tradition Holder: Which One Are You?
    Learn how to recognize and  manage each of these response styles to change and why each of them play a vital role in the success of your business and your family.  The trick to successfully navigating change in Family Business is in the balancing of tradition with creativity, and change with stability. In this highly experiential workshop, participants will learn a simple and effective model for organizational change that integrates both ends of this spectrum and is highly applicable to family business. Experience a fresh approach in understanding how different response styles to change can support a positive culture for change management within the organization, and can help bridge perspectives between generations within the family.

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