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ward_200x300John L. Ward, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and Consultant Emeritus

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John Ward is a co-founder of The Family Business Consulting Group and consultant emeritus well-regarded for his expertise on continuity, ownership, governance, and philanthropy. He is author or co-author of leading books on family business: Perpetuating the Family Business; Family Business as Paradox; Keeping the Family Business Healthy; When Family Businesses are Best; Building a Successful Family Business Board; and many others. With Craig Aronoff, John authored many books from “The Family Business Leadership Series.” 
In addition to his consulting and writing work, John served as co-director of The Center for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management where he was Clinical Professor of Family Enterprises. Prior to that, he was the Ralph Marotta Professor of Private Enterprise and Associate Dean at Loyola University Chicago and a Senior Associate with Strategic Planning Institute (PIMS Program) in Cambridge, Massachussetts. John has taught at IMD (Switzerland), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Indian School of Business, and IESE (Barcelona). 
John is also a founding member of the Family Firm Institute and the 1994 recipient of the Richard Beckhard Practice Award that honors distinguished practitioners in the family business field.
John graduated from Northwestern University (B.A.) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (M.B.A. and Ph.D.).

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Building_a_Successful_BoardBuilding a Successful Family Business Board: A Guide for Leaders, Directors, and Families
In Building a Successful Family Business Board , the authors show why private firms need the in-depth expertise and objective feedback that a well-chosen board, including qualified independent directors, can provide, and demonstrates how owners and directors can work together to ensure a long and profitable life for the firm.

Family_Business_Paradox_Family Business as Paradox
Rather than having to choose between the family and the business, the authors argue that if family-owned businesses can consciously manage and over time, perhaps, synthesize these contradictions, the Family Enterprise will have a long-term strategic and competitive advantage and the family will remain committed to continuity.

FB_Governance_Family Business Governance: Maximizing Family and Business Potential
Strong family governance can create an environment of smooth decision making, cohesiveness, effective conflict resolution and a directive that moves the business forward. Authors Aronoff and Ward show leaders why a strong governance is critical to taking families from one generation of success to the next.

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