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Helping Family Businesses
Prosper Across Generations®

For Family Wealth

Building the Framework for Future Generations

As advisors and consultants to families with operating companies, family offices and family foundations, our collective experience has taught us that:

  • Decisions about whether and how to sustain, grow or philanthropically donate shared family wealth are significantly enhanced by a clearly articulated family vision, by fair decision making processes, and by effective family communication.
  • Wealthy families who seek a vibrant future benefit greatly by developing structures and processes that enable and support good decisions and equip family leaders to manage increasing responsibility and complexity.

Understanding these fundamentals, we work with our clients to create appropriate  structures and processes for clear vision, effective oversight and good collaboration.

We support the goals of our clients by:

  • Helping them to articulate their vision and their objectives,
  • Designing governance structures that promote family and business continuity,
  • Developing processes and policies to support effective decision making and good communication,
  • Educating families on governance, succession and leadership development,
  • Defining avenues for siblings, cousins, or more distantly related family members, to decide whether and how to work together cohesively,
  • Supporting effective generational transitions in the governance and management of wealth,
  • Preparing next generation family members to be responsible wealth owners,
  • Identifying independent board members to provide advice in key strategic areas,
  • Assisting family members to identify options when independent decisions are called for.

To learn more about our solutions for family wealth, contact us.

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