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Helping Family Businesses
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Leadership Development

Leadership of any business is difficult. But leadership in a family business is a far different challenge than leadership in any other kind of business.

– Effective Leadership in the Family Business, Aronoff/Baskin

In any growing company, the need for leadership, and leadership that can grow and change with the evolving business needs, is critical to success. Add to that the complexities of leadership in a family business not found in non-family firms: balancing business needs with family needs, growing numbers of shareholders through successive generations, and living up to the standards of leadership set by the company’s founder. It’s clear that leadership in family businesses requires unique competencies.

Over the past 20 years, our consultant team has supported thousands of family business leaders, including:

  • Founders
  • Second, third, fourth generation and beyond
  • Sibling and cousin teams
  • Non-family executives and management
  • Family council chairs, and
  • Board chairs

We provide a variety of services and support to help these leaders hone their leadership capabilities as well as balance the shifting and sometimes conflicting needs of the business and the family.

Contact us for more information on how we help family businesses develop best-in-class leadership teams.

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