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Helping Family Businesses
Prosper Across Generations®

For Franchisees/Dealer Groups

Succession Planning, Leadership Training and Educational Resources for Franchisees and Dealers

More than many other businesses, franchisees and dealers have to be thoughtful about passing on their businesses to the next generation. Why? Because franchisees and dealers face an additional hurdle to succession -- corporate approval.

It's not enough for a franchisee's children to work in the business or get a business education. They must also pass the test with the franchisor or manufacturer, or they won't be able to step into the leadership role. This makes advance succession planning all the more critical.

In addition to the challenges of planning for effective succession to one or more children, The Family Business Consulting Group assists franchisees and dealers in advance planning and leadership development to prepare successors to step into their future roles.

More than individual families, we also facilitate training and education for groups of franchisees and dealers in partnership with franchisors, manufacturers, trade associations and other groups. We design and deliver custom educational programs and webinars as well as our Family Business University facilitated program.

Contact us for more information on our programs and work with franchisees and dealers.

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