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Covid-19 Resources for Family Businesses


One thing we've learned in our many years of practice is that family businesses are resilient and often excel in times of change or uncertainty. But it's not easy. Our clients continue to work closely with us to address the significant challenges facing their families and businesses during this disruption. From crisis communication to strategic planning, we are helping enterprising families focus on the well-being of their people and continuity of their operations. 

Our team has quickly adapted from in-person meetings to video conferencing to respond to your immediate needs:

Plan and support stakeholder communication
Supporting leaders as they plan and execute on crisis communication with stakeholders: including internal teams, board of directors, family, advisors, shareholders and more.

Facilitate owner alignment discussion and decisions
When so many demands are coming at you, we help family owners and management teams come together to clearly define immediate priorities and focus areas.

Facilitate scenario planning
While we are all adapting to the current crisis and related business disruption - we help you identify and strategically plan for various risks and scenarios, including innovative ways to identify and meet new market opportunities.

Facilitating boardroom discussions to redefine strategies
We help boards focus on planning, analysis, decision making and implementation of strategic initiatives.

Leadership coaching
Leadership is often a lonely responsibility, rarely more so then when you are faced with many difficult decisions. We provide an objective, experienced sounding board.

Coaching leaders or family members on their own "personal reset"
Support families and individuals as they seek to make sense of a changed future, and want to approach it with clear intention by working through important questions around priorities and purpose going forward.

Conflict management
The extra stresses coming at us can exacerbate or inflame normal, underlying conflicts. We can work one-one-on, in pairs, or in small groups to productively address and move through conflict. In fact, adversity can provide a real opportunity to tackle old topics in new ways.

If you'd like to learn more about how we serve family businesses, please contact us at or call 773.604.5005. 

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