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Effective Ownership

Engaging Owners as Stewards for the Future

Planning for effective ownership is vital to the long-term success of any family business. Effective ownership offers some key advantages:

  • A management team that feels empowered and supported by all family shareholders.
  • Reduced conflict from perceived inequities among family members.
  • Stronger support and buy-in from non-family staff for well-planned transitions.
  • Clearer roles and expectations for shareholders, whether voting or non-voting, active or inactive in the company's daily operations.
  • A greater level of involvement and personal satisfaction from shareholders.
  • Smoother ownership transitions.
  • A better functioning Board of Directors.

However, creating an effective ownership structure means answering some thorny questions: How is ownership determined? How is stock bought/transferred/sold? What does ownership mean in your business? What are the obligations of an owner? Once those questions are answered, owners must be educated and aligned with the family’s values and the business direction in order to be most engaged and effective.

We work with families to plan for ownership changes and to create programs for educating potential owners on their rights and responsibilities as shareholders in the company. Current and future shareholders benefit from a stronger understanding of the ownership structure, and often gain a feeling of empowerment that contributes to a greater enjoyment and involvement in their participation as a shareholder.

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