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Helping Family Businesses
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Family Business University

A Roadmap For Family Business Success

The Family Business Consulting Group's Family Business University is a unique program for family owned companies that are ready to take a professional approach to resolving issues of succession, ownership, family unity, and integrating the interests of family members and the business. Conducted partially through group education and partially through one-on-one consultation, The Family Business Consulting Group's Family Business University presents business-owning families with a roadmap for successfully managing the following areas:

  • Succession and continuity planning/exit strategies
  • Estate planning
  • Generational challenges
  • Family business policies
  • Ownership
  • Conflict & communication

Why offer Family Business University?

Trade associations, buying groups and franchisors/distributors that offer The Family Business Consulting Group's Family Business University for their member companies recognize the following:

  • The long-term success of a family business across generations is a goal worth supporting;
  • Many businesses founded by Baby Boomers are nearing the time where the future of the business will be in question;
  • Most family business leaders do not know how to lay the foundation for transition to their children and beyond;
  • Many of their affiliated businesses are already struggling with issues that are causing repercussions for the family, the business, or both; and,
  • Without someone guiding these families to appropriate resources, their companies will continue to struggle with predictable, avoidable family business challenges.

Providing the Family Business University program, either subsidized or at the expense of the participating family, connects family businesses with much-needed structure and support to help them ensure their business continues successfully into the next generation. These associations and buying groups find that supporting the long term success of their members not only fulfills their mission, but that the associated increase in longevity of their member companies also leads to higher membership retention and reduced member recruitment expenses.

In addition, associations may brand the program with their organization name so that participants can better understand the value that the association is providing in facilitating this learning opportunity.

Who Should Attend Family Business University?

The Family Business Consulting Group's Family Business University is designed to facilitate open discussion and consideration of critical issues around professionalizing the family business. The vast majority of family owned businesses are in need of guidance in developing plans that support both the business and the family. Even businesses that have estate plans and/or an identified successor typically face challenges within the family around those decisions. Most family businesses will find this program hugely valuable.

What Makes Family Business University unique?

The Family Business University concept is based on the following conclusions we've reached after working with family businesses for twenty years:

  1. Family business challenges are very complex and emotional to deal with.
  2. Families often put off dealing with these challenges because they don't see a clear way to resolve them.
  3. Education is necessary to help families understand the issues at hand, but education alone will not help them to act.
  4. Families need to see specific cases and information relevant to them in order to begin productive thinking around challenging decisions.
  5. Beyond information, families need one-on-one guidance, support and accountability to move them forward towards successfully managing the needs of both the family and the business.

With these important lessons in mind, Family Business University helps families by providing all of the education that they need, customized for their industry, business model and common strategic issues, coupled with expert consulting and coaching to help them through the process of creating and implementing initiatives that will support their family's needs. The Family Business University model allows a group of businesses to achieve, over the course of approximately one year, huge progress towards securing their business continuity. And because much of the learning is shared, it does so at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to working with a consultant for the entire process.

What is the Program's Format?

Family Business University includes a combination of:

  1. Initial interviews with a member of the faculty to ensure course content meets their needs.
  2. Group in-depth education and facilitation 3-4 times over the course of the year.
  3. Resources, exercises, articles and other readings to support the learning.
  4. A relationship with a dedicated consultant to provide one-on-one guidance throughout the process.

The program structure and content is flexible and will be customized to the needs of the group.

How does my Organization Launch this Program?

The easiest way to get started is to contact us to schedule a discussion about your organization, the family businesses that you serve, and your goals for this program. There is no obligation, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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