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Helping Family Businesses
Prosper Across Generations®


Helping Family Businesses Prosper Across Generations

For over 20 years, The Family Business Consulting Group has worked with thousands of families, including some of the most successful and influential business families around the world, to achieve one common goal: create structures and processes which protect the integrity of the family and the enterprise.

Our work touches all aspects of the business and family system, identifying the areas where better processes, shareholder and family education, communication and alignment will lead to better business performance and a stronger family. Our team of associates includes specialists in all areas of family business, including management, finance, governance, psychology, team building, communications, conflict resolution, succession planning, strategic planning, and family business education. We listen and learn about both strengths and challenges before exploring solutions, choosing a course of action, and implementing plans that lay the foundation for a successful future.

Our engagements range from single educational programs to long-term, ongoing participation in family meetings, board development, strategic planning and more.

We also partner with family business programs, trade associations, service providers and other organizations to develop and deliver unique and compelling educational content and programs to support their memberships’ needs and challenges in dealing with family business issues.

To learn more about our team and our history, click here, or contact us to speak with a member of our team.

"I've done a great job as the founder of my family business. But as I consider the future, the complexity seems overwhelming: developing and selecting successors; motivating key employees; funding retirement and estate plans; renewing the company's strategy; reorganizing for the future; keeping the family committed, loving and happy; determining ownership. How can I sort it all out in a way that makes sense?"

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