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Free Webinars Created just for Family Businesses

Our webinars address the unique needs and timely topics facing family businesses. Taught by advisors with The Family Business Consulting Group, these one-hour presentations are supported with a combination of case studies, sound research and real-word experiences. Includes recommended resources and tools. 

Rekindling the Magic in Your Family Meetings
Discover tangible ways to foster engagement, improve connectedness, and build the energy within family meetings to bring full value for family members.

Ready or Not, Here it Comes! How to Manage Change in Your Enterprising Family
Learn the valuable lessons from those who have well-managed succession, transition to non-family leadership, engaging the family in family governance, formalizing business governance, and more.

The Family Constitution: A Foundation for Family Alignment
Gain useful ideas to effectively create and use family constitutions as a foundational piece for your governance efforts.

Forming an Effective Family Business Board: Advisory vs. Fiduciary
Understand ways that advisory and fiduciary boards function to enhance decision making and business performance in a family enterprise. 

Planning What's Next: How Great Family Business Leaders Plan for an Enriching Retirement
Find out why planning for the future can be particularly challenging for successful family business leaders and gain tools and tips to help leaders at any age prepare themselves for this important transition.

Choosing Stewardship over Self Interest: Changing the Climate of Your Family Business
Learn how business families with a stewardship orientation are better positioned strategically.

From Partners by Chance to Partners by Choice: Building Trust-based Partnerships with Siblings and Cousins
Sibling and cousin partnerships almost always come about by chance rather than choice. Discover how to think objectively about where you might improve as a partner while also striving to identify and enhance these qualities in your family partners. 

Getting Started with Family Governance: Fundamentals of Family Councils, Charters and Policies
Introduces essential tools to help your family improve communication, resolve differences and work toward a common goal. You'll also learn how to talk about family governance with management, owners and other stakeholders to build support for this important initiative.

Welcoming the Next Generation into the Family Enterprise
Explore best practices in preparing and educating the next generation to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization.

It's Not You, It's My Family's Business: Where to Start with Cohabitation, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements
The goals of this presentation are to strengthen your understanding of family law agreements and better equip families with how to talk about and implement family law agreements within their family enterprise.

We are the Champions: Developing Family Leaders to Sustain the Family Enterprise
Support and develop the family-ownership advantage in your enterprise by learning the unique characteristics of family champions along with ideas to encourage championship elements within your family.

“Why Would I Want a Board?” Real World Considerations on the Path to Effective Governance
Our panel shares their experiences with businesses contemplating creating a board, speak to the most common reasons and benefits behind the decision, and provide guidance on laying the groundwork for success.

The Family Director Guide: How to be Effective Inside and Out of the Boardroom
Our governance experts lay the groundwork for family directors to develop their own skills while gaining an understanding of how effective boards work. 

Changing Disagreement into Dialogue: How to Manage Conflicts and Enhance Communication
Conflict is a natural component of family relationships, and it affects family enterprises in several ways. Some families benefit from the healthy expression of disagreement and managing conflict proactively. Many struggle with conflict which can impede the family’s ability to make business decisions or enjoy their family relationships.

Three Key Conversations for Sibling Partnerships to Succeed in Succession
Working with siblings can be one of the greatest personal and professional experiences an individual can have. It can also be one of the greatest challenges, especially when the founder transitions family business ownership to the next generation.

Are We All in Agreement? Effective Decision-Making in Family Businesses
Discover practical tools and case studies on how to align your family with an effective decision-making process. We’ll help you define who and how decisions are  made and to make the process crystal clear.

Stay Focused on the Fundamentals: The Five Building Blocks of Strong Family Businesses
Shares the five fundamentals that families should not only learn, but consistently revisit and practice in order to give their business the best chance for success.

Who am I?: Helping Next Gen Find their Place in the Family Enterprise
To unlock the potential of the entire family system, business-owning families can help clear the path for identity development. 

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