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How to Manage Change in Your Enterprising Family

Change is the only constant in business, and this is doubly true in family enterprise where both the business and family evolve over time. Change can be effective, gradual and fully supported by the family, owners and management, or it can be disruptive and leave resentment and cut-offs. Managing change well is important to building family alignment, commitment and continued progress Arrow_changetowards shared goals.

During this one-hour program, Steve McClure and Wendy Sage-Hayward will share experiences of families that have found themselves in times of significant change. They will also discuss the valuable lessons from those who have well-managed succession, transition to non-family leadership, engaging the family in family governance, formalizing business governance, and more.

Important themes include:

  • Key types of change that family enterprise leaders will want to manage well
  • What makes change difficult for the individuals involved and how to create a successful transition
  • Beneficial change tactics for families to navigate difficult transitions
  • How to gauge your family’s progress through the stages of change
  • This free, one-hour program includes time for Q&A. A recording of the webinar will be available for all registrants.


About the Presenters

Steve McClure is a principal consultant specializing in making family-owned a competitive advantage. His work often involves family and non-family employee teamwork, implementing advisory boards or boards of directors, family councils, successor development and management practices, such as compensation and strategic planning, tailored to family firms. He is co-author of books on family business succession, family councils, compensation and working in a family business. Steve also received the prestigious Beckhard award for outstanding contributions to the field of family firm consulting.

Wendy Sage-Hayward is a senior consultant who works closely with business leaders, family firms and boards. She brings deep knowledge and perspective to global clients across sectors, facilitating meaningful conversations with multi-generational families on governance, firm continuity, leadership, next generation preparation, and conflict resolution. She is a co-author of the book “Human Resources in Family Business” and an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, where she leads programs for the Business Families Centre.


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Webinar Recording

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