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Family Champions and Champion Families Webinar

We are the Champions: Developing Family Leaders to Sustain the Family Enterprise

Business families require effective leadership throughout the system to fulfill their potential. A lot of attention goes to who will be the next leader of the business, and appropriately so. But there is another area in which leadership can bring great value to the family – FCCF_Illustration_26_Family_Championthe role of “family champion.”

Family champions are visionary catalysts who invest energy into the family-business system to support and develop the family-ownership advantage. Ultimately, family champions create champion families dedicated to stewarding the business for future success. Champion families share seven key areas that they have intentionally developed, and we will explore these foundational elements of their success.

During this webinar, Joshua Nacht, Ph.D. and Greg Greenleaf will share insights and stories inspired from their new book Family Champions and Champion Families: Developing Family Leaders to Sustain the Family Enterprise. Key topics include:

  • The unique characteristics and development of family champions
  • How these leaders positively impact family harmony and continuity
  • Common traits among successful champion families
  • Ideas to start encouraging championship elements within your family

This free, one-hour recording includes Q&A at the end. 


About the Presenters

Joshua Nacht, Ph.D. is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group where his work with business families focuses on creating opportunities through effective governance, aligned ownership groups and communication. He is an active family business owner and has served as both a family council and board director. Joshua received the 2016 Best Doctoral Dissertation Award from the Family Firm Institute, which recognizes outstanding academic achievement in the field of family business studies.

Gregory Greenleaf is a principal consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group where he is an expert on succession, governance and professionalization of the family business. As past-president of one of his family’s businesses, Greg learned firsthand the rewards, challenges and pitfalls of running a family business, including the critical importance of issues such as succession planning, strategic planning and fostering healthy family business relations.

Additional Resources

Family_Champ_Cover“This book opens new ground in the story of the success of multi-generational family business. Its focus is on the nature of innovative and resilience energy in the family, and how it often flows not from top to bottom, or from the old to the new. It is often the spirit and dedication of the newer ‘rising’ generations that fuels productive change and renewal. Through case studies that highlight the authors’ research, this book shows how families invest in innovation by investing in the human resources of each new generation.” Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., Family Advisor, Wise Counsel Research

Family Champions and Champion Families offers clear examples, practical tips and specific advice to start working on championship elements in your family. Each chapter ends with questions for you to consider, based on the material you’ve just read, to stimulate your thinking about championship ideas and issues related to your situation. The wisdom from these winning families and their stories can guide you around common obstacles and provide inspiration to your business family, regardless of its size or complexity. To learn more or order...

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