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Choosing Stewardship over Self Interest

Changing the Climate of Your Family Business with Justin Craig

Research conducted by Justin Craig, Ph.D. and his colleagues found that in family firms, a climate of stewardship was positively linkedphilanthropy_iStock-185930833 to innovativeness and organizational performance. They also confirmed that when everyone is intrinsically motivated and aligned within a cohesive culture, employees are more involved and there is a low power distance between owners/executives and employees.

As  stewards of the company, individuals see the business as an extension of themselves and are committed to its success. The utility the steward gains through pro-organizational behaviors is greater than that gained through individualist, self-serving behaviors.

During this webinar, Justin Craig will discuss the individual and organizational dimensions of stewardship climate and share how business families with a stewardship orientation are better positioned strategically.

Key takeaways include how to:

  • Understand the importance and differentiating potential of stewardship climate
  • Diagnose your stewardship climate
  • Develop a collaborate environment
  • Communicate to family and non-family stakeholders the importance of developing a stewardship climate


About the Presenter

Justin Craig, Ph.D. is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group. His areas of advisory expertise include next-generation development and governance. He is also a Clinical Professor of Family Enterprises and Co-Director of the Center for Family Enterprises at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management. Justin's research focuses on the strategy, function, management and performance of multi-generational family enterprises and those who lead and steward them. 

Additional Resources

Webinar Recording

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Leading a Family Business: Best Practices for Long-Term Stewardship by Justin Craig Ph.D. and Ken Moores, Ph.D.

Based on insights from executives across the globe, this planning guide captures the unique challenges faced by leaders of a family business and presents an approach to help these operations survive and thrive across generations.

  • Includes insights from leaders of family businesses from all over the world
  • Describes important characteristics for leading family and business systems successfully
  • Features case vignettes showcasing the complex inner workings of family and business stewardship
  • Compares the homogeneity evident in non-family enterprises versus the heterogeneity of family enterprises
  • Discusses the differences between leadership in family enterprises and non-family enterprises

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Stewardship: A Very Practical Family Business Theory

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