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Changing Disagreement into Dialogue: How to Manage Conflicts and Enhance Communication

Conflict is a natural component of family relationships, and it affects family enterprises in several ways. Conflict_Resolution_istock_lo_resMany families benefit from the healthy expression of disagreement and managing conflict proactively. Still, others struggle with conflict that may originate from years before and continues to impede the family’s ability to make business decisions or enjoy their family relationships.

Presenter Amy Wirtz does not shy away from conflict. For over 25 years, she has focused her career on helping families resolve complex issues as a collaborative lawyer, mediator, exit-planning advisor, and family business consultant.

During this interactive webinar, Amy shares effective methods for handling difficult conversations and family dynamics. Topics include how to:

  • Separate issues from emotions
  • Improve active listening skills
  • Approach difficult subjects with a five-step process
  • Move forward from an emotional disagreement
  • Deal with difficult people

This webinar recording is one hour long.


About the Presenter

Amy Wirtz is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group specializing in shareholder value enhancement, business planning processes, and transition implementation of management, leadership or ownership of a business. Drawing from 27 years as a lawyer, Amy believes in peaceful resolutions to complex issues by helping families learn new communication skills to resolve family and business matters. While no longer practicing law, today Amy focuses on providing creative solutions to family business engagements and presenting to relevant audiences. She also helps business owners use their advisors as a resource team to create optimal value.

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