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David Lansky, Ph.D.

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David Lansky, a principal consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group, has played a key role in the growth and transformation of many enterprising families, and in the business interests which they share.

With his deep understanding of family dynamics, his unique ability to address critical individual and family concerns, his appreciation for the challenges that accompany family wealth and family business, David has helped facilitate growth in families, repair difficult relationships, and turn stagnant or struggling enterprises into thriving organizations.

A clinical psychologist and family therapist by training, David spent over 15 years as a managing partner in a clinical psychology practice, where he observed the impact that personal relationships, family dynamics, and communication obstacles can have on families’ abilities to work, plan and live well together.

Today, his clients include entrepreneurial families and families of wealth, multigenerational families with shared business or financial interests, family offices and private trust companies, all of whom want to plan well for the future, enhance communication, improve family relationships, and become more successful in family and business endeavors.

David was one of the first psychologists in Illinois to be licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and was certified as a Family Therapy Supervisor by the National Association of Marital and Family Therapy. He has served as clinical faculty member and supervisor at Northwestern University’s Family Institute and taught marital and family therapy at the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago.

David is well known for his expertise in the psychology and family dynamics of multigenerational wealth. 

He has published widely on family business and family wealth, including articles in Private Wealth Magazine, Family Business Magazine, and The Family Business Advisor and a regular column in The Journal of Practical Estate Planning. His new book, Family Wealth Continuity: Building a Foundation for the Future, helps families consider several related factors that go into a foundation for continuity, and to build more effective continuity plans and strategies based on their assessments.

David is married, lives in Chicago, Illinois and has three adult children.


  • Conflict & Communication Management
  • Family Wealth Continuity
  • Family Office
  • Family Dynamics

David is a member of the Family Firm Institute (FFI) and was coordinator of FFI’s Midwest Study Group, the longest standing study group affiliated with FFI. He is a member of The Private Wealth Advisors Study Group.

A graduate of Montreal’s McGill University, David obtained his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Rutgers University.

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family_wealth_continuity_cover Family Wealth Continuity: Building a Foundation for the Future
It has been estimated  that a majority of estate plans in place fail, largely as a result of family conflict or communication problems.  Author David Lansky reveals here that too many one-size-fits-all and elaborate continuity plans fail to take into account the idiosyncratic family factors that can interfere with continuity planning. Lansky details further how building the right foundation will help families implement the best continuity plans. 

Managing Conflict in the Family Business: Understanding Challenges at the Intersection of Family and Business
Family Business Conflict Archetypes, Frames, Roles, and Tactics are discussed in this book with a view toward educating readers to the common conflict cycles that family businesses encounter. More specifically the book will address twelve conflicts that are common in family owned businesses, how to spot them and how to resolve them


  • Preserving Family Wealth: Building a Foundation for Raising Healthy, Wealthy Children
  • Perpetuating Family Wealth Through Entrepreneurial Stewardship
  • Effective Strategies For Avoiding and Managing Family Conflict
  • Demystifying the Family Office:  What is a Family Office and Do I Need One?


  • Family Wealth Continuity
  • Communicating Values to the Next Generation
  • Ownership Transfers and Estate Planning from a Family Perspective
  • Managing Conflict in the Family Business
  • Challenges Facing High Net Worth Families
  • Foundations of Family Wealth Continuity
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