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How Strong is Your Family?

What makes a strong family?  University of Nebraska researchers Nick Stinnett and John DeFrain have identified six major qualities that strong families share: commitment, appreciation, communication, time, spiritual wellness and coping ability.

Commitment: Strong families make their relationships their highest priority.  They work hard together to overcome conflicts and difficulties.

Appreciation: Strong families show appreciation daily for each family member.

Communication: Strong families spend much time in conversation about matters big and small.  Family members who are accustomed to exchanging ideas and information and talking about their feelings are better at solving problems and resolving conflicts.

Time: Strong families spend time together.  This eases loneliness and isolation, nurtures relationships and builds family identity.

Spiritual Wellness: Strong families share spiritual beliefs that provide strength, hope and purpose.

Coping Ability: Strong families use a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with life’s crises.  They include: maintaining positive perspectives, pulling together, using one’s social support system, using spiritual resources, keeping communication open and being flexible in the face of change.

How strong is your family?  Evaluate it by considering the six major qualities listed above.





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