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Family Forum Agenda

2017 Program Theme: Engagement Across the Generations

As families change by welcoming new members and new generations, active communication and participation are essential to building family cohesion. An effective family governance process can provide the essential forum for constructive discussion and problem solving that places the culture, values and goals of the family on the same plane as that of the business. Over the course of this program, attendees will gain new insights on building engagement, learn from successes and struggles of other families, and integrate their learnings into a work plan based on their individual goals for governance with action steps to put into place in the year to come.

Event Times

Thursday, October 19: Day one of the program will open with attendee check-in and networking taking place between 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM. The program will begin at 8:30 AM and wrap up with a reception and dinner at starting at 6:30 PM.

Friday, October 20: On day two, a private breakfast buffet will be available from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. The program will begin at 8:30 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM with lunch and an optional one-on-one consulting session. You will receive a detailed agenda in advance of The Family Governance Forum.

Main Sessions

Family Governance: A Foundation for Family Enterprise Sustainability
Families have long experienced the benefits of family governance in building cohesion and family enterprise sustainability, and new research is reaffirming the value of investment in the ‘family’ aspect of  family enterprise. Learn current thinking about the role of family governance in continuity and how family firms are leveraging this knowledge to perpetuate their legacy.

Building Trust & Communication in the Family Group
This session will introduce the key components of Trust-Based Partnerships, and sharpen your skills as a family leader in cultivating open communication and addressing difficult conversations.

Creating Your Family Education Strategy
Engaging family members as owners, future owners and responsible stewards of the family enterprise begins with education. We’ll show you how to build an education program to evolve with your family’s needs while strengthening family bonds.

Connecting with the Next Generation
Preparing the next generation to take on responsibility for stewardship of the family business is critical to a seamless, successful transition when the time comes. Learn how to develop a touch-point plan designed to engage and educate the next gen by age, interests and talents.

Evolving Your Family Governance Process
From the kitchen table to the conference table, purposeful families can coordinate themselves to deal with the challenges they encounter as their family grows and changes. Because there is no “one-size-fits-all” governance structure, we will focus on how an integrated process can adapt to changing needs for generations to come.

Creating Your Family Governance Action Plan
Building on the insights gathered throughout the program, this part of the workshop will help you set meaningful goals for enhancing family engagement and determine next steps to put your plan into action. There will be opportunities for brainstorming, peer review and advisor feedback to help shape your objectives and implementation structure.

Small-Group Learning Labs

The Family Governance Forum offers two rounds of breakout sessions to tailor your learning experience. Choose from one of three for each round:
Round 1
A. Family Meeting Idea Exchange: How to Attract and Engage Multigenerational Families
B. The Family Champion: Cultivating Future Family Leadership
C. Effective Facilitation for Family Leaders

Round 2
A. Managing Conflict through Family Governance
B. Starting Strong: Onboarding Family Members
C. Stuck in the Middle: Navigating Relationships with Board, Management and Shareholders

One-on-One Advisor Support

Attendees are invited to close out the program with a 20-minute private consulting session with a program faculty member to review your work plan or discuss a concern you have as a family leader. These sessions are optional and will be open for registration in advance of the program. © The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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