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$2850: 1 family
$2550: Per additional
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October 17 & 18, 2019 | The Rose Hotel Chicago O'Hare

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Family Forum Program

Accelerate: Building Momentum in Family GovernanceIMG_3125-cropped

An effective family governance process can provide the essential forum and foundation for constructive discussion and problem solving that places the culture, values and goals of the family on the same plane as that of the business. Over the course of this program, attendees will gain new insights on developing their family governance system, learn from successes and struggles of other families, and integrate their learnings into action steps.

Program Overview

This highly interactive event features a unique mix of case studies, best practices and shared experiences — fully supported throughout the program by peer insight and advisor expertise. The program includes discussion-based learning sessions and opportunities to dive deeper into topics that are most relevant to your family.

The Stages of Family Governance: Building a Foundation for Success
Family governance – the structure and principles employed to educate and to facilitate family communication – should be as unique as the culture of each family enterprise. At the same time, the complexity and stage of your family enterprise provide cues as to the most effective form of family governance. This session will give you the tools to assess where your family enterprise is at within recognized stages along with the associated challenges and opportunities. In addition, we’ll discuss how to prioritize the opportunities to build and maintain family governance momentum within your family’s situation.

Navigating and Managing Family Conflict as a Family Governance LeaderIMG_0200
Conflict is a normal, predictable factor in the quest to create a successful family enterprise. It stems from differing beliefs and perspectives about anything from calendaring the family council meeting to long-term competitive positioning. Business leaders need it in order to compete effectively for customers and profits. But family leaders run the risk of seeing conflict as a sign of dysfunction and poor relationships. In a worst case, they may spend valuable energy attempting to avoiding it. During this interactive session, family governance leaders will learn effective methods for managing conflict, handling difficult conversations and making the most of normal family dynamics.

Creating a Culture of Trust 
Trust is the foundation for authentic relationships and is a critical element in the success of family enterprise governance. During this session, we will explore the concept of why and how trust breaks down in family relationships. We will examine the anatomy of a conversation to better understand how all parties have a role in generating trust. We will highlight different components of the trust landscape, including identifying one’s own level of trustworthiness.

Developing Family Leadership
Traditionally when we think of leadership it is from a business context. However, in a family enterprise we need to think more broadly to include leadership in the family and the ownership systems as well. Keeping a family together as a working group requires goodwill and hard work on all sides. In this workshop, we will examine what leadership means and how it evolves based on the ages and stages of ownership. We will also share how to build strong leadership in the rising generation.

Refreshing Governance Practices
Cycles in family governance are normal. With new family councils, there is lots of energy and goal setting during the formation stage, growing pains as members learn to function together, accomplishment of the project backlog that had piled up, and then a letdown. When families look at their family council during a down-cycle and declare them a failure, they may be doing themselves a great disservice. We will break into groups based on governance stages and share practical strategies on how to re-energize and keep the momentum rolling to best serve your family.

Tools and Strategies for Achieving Family Alignment
Before a family can be aligned with management and the board, they must be aligned with each other. However, as families grow in size and diversity of perspectives, achieving alignment gets increasingly complicated. We view alignment as a journey, not a destination. This session will discuss how the overlapping roles of owner and family member can be both a driver and a drag on alignment. We’ll also talk about the use of commitments, goals, skills and structure to build, refresh and assess alignment during your own family’s journey.

Breakout Sessions
Round One: Overcoming Common Roadblocks in Family Governance

  • Bridging the Divide: Ingroup vs. Outgroup including In-laws, Branchism, Geography and Others
  • Justifying the Commitment and Investment in the Family Council
  • Blurred Lines: Using Charters to Clarify Family Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Round Two: Skill Building for Family Leaders

  • Listening and Asking Powerful Questions
  • Designing Great Processes for Family Meetings
  • Defining and Managing Healthy Boundaries in Family Enterprise

Self-Assessment and Action Planning
In this session, we’ll follow up on the priority areas you defined in the opening session. We’ll also share key learnings and action items from the entire group. Finally, we’ll help you design a set of your own feasible take-homes. These take homes will include action you may take and areas you may try to influence within the family enterprise. Additionally, we’ll help you design a communication plan to channel the enthusiasm you’ll leave with into a management message for your family who wasn’t able to attend with you

Event Times

Thursday, October 17: Day one of the program will open with attendee check-in, networking and breakfast taking place between 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM. The program will begin at 8:30 AM and wrap up with a reception and dinner at starting at 6:30 PM.

Friday, October 18: On day two, a private breakfast buffet will be available from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. The program will begin at 8:30 AM and conclude at 12:00 PM with lunch. You will receive a detailed agenda in advance of The Family Governance Forum.

Join us for a two-day, interactive experience to support the
growth, development and success of your family’s legacy!


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