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The Family Governance Forum connects family leaders and influencers to support the growth, development and success of their families’ legacies — especially during times of uncertainty. The program sessions are designed to help families leverage their governance system as an essential tool to recharge, reconnect and navigate current and future challenges.

This year’s program theme is “Family Governance: The Roots for Family Enterprise Growth.”

During the course of the program, participants will:

  • Understand the critical role that family governance plays in the enterprise’s continuity, culture and competitive advantage
  • Define success and identify common challenges for your family governance efforts
  • Discover through case examples how family governance can serve as a flexible foundation to provide stability across generations
  • Learn tangible steps that effective family leaders take to positively influence and shape the future of the enterprise 
  • Identify predictable areas of conflict and change in families and how governance can help to successfully manage these challenges
  • Create a plan for education and development to prepare your family for the road ahead

Attendees will also receive materials that support their learning and can be used as resources to share with their families.

Engaging, Immersive Format with Ample Breaks

This highly interactive experience is designed to heighten participants’ effectiveness as leaders in the family enterprise through engaging content, peer discussions and real-world case studies. Attendees will also connect and learn from the successes and challenges of other families in an open, confidential environment — fully supported throughout the program by expert facilitators.

Sessions include a mix of: 

  • Practical information and models
  • Tools that can be applied to their own family governance 
  • Interactive breakouts with other participants in assigned cohorts and a mix of smaller discussion groups

Who Should Attend

To qualify, your family must be (at minimum) having regular family meetings that devote time to family education and/or cohesion for a year or more. Individuals in the following roles may find great benefit from the program:

  • Family council chairs
  • Family assembly & family foundation leaders
  • Committee chairs
  • Next generation leaders
  • Single family office & HR executives
  • Shareholder representatives

The program is a good option for families who want to efficiently share common governance approaches with a group of family members/influencers. We welcome groups of up to six attendees per family.

Registration Fees

$1750 – 1 family representative
$1550 for each additional member (up to 6 per family)

Please refer all registration questions to Christine Nguyen at (773) 604-5005 or

To ensure all attendees derive optimum value from the program, attendance is restricted to 80 attendees and is subject to approval by conference organizers. If you would like to discuss the program and whether it is a good fit for you, please contact Kristi Daeda at (773) 784-5008 or