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The Chair Forum™

Essential Conversations for Family Business Board Leaders

March 16 -17, 2017 | Chicago, IL

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Inside the Forum

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Creating Effective Working NormsConversation

Improve planning and efficiency with the practices that high-functioning boards use to develop effective communications among board members, create shared expectations and maintain focus on strategic issues. Topics include appropriate expectations for management reporting, meeting facilitation and designing effective annual calendars and individual meeting agendas.

Developing Organizational Accountability

The chair is responsible for creating a culture of accountability within the board and management team. What tools do you have to drive accountability? What role should the board play in monitoring performance? And how should board committees contribute to oversight of key objectives? During this session, you will develop new insights on practical actions that will advance accountability as a key component of the culture of your organization.

Establishing Trust and Transparency

One of the most complex challenges that you face as the information gatekeeper is the balance of confidentiality and transparency between shareholders and directors. When a shareholder asks about your board meetings, how much do you tell? We’ll explore the chair’s responsibility in shareholder relations and methods for building an environment of trust, support and healthy dialogue.

JMP_conversationCultivating Participation and Board Engagement

Does your board engage in breakthrough thinking, team building and lively discussions? This session will focus on one of the most critical skills that a board chair can develop — effective facilitation. Learn to extract maximum value from directors’ time, energy and expertise in each meeting. Plus, we’ll share how the chair can influence the success of board meetings from outside the boardroom.

Building a Better Board

The quality of the board’s performance and contributions should be a continuing concern for the chair. We will look at approaches to selecting/electing family directors, recruiting independent directors and evaluating the board’s success. Compensation and succession planning for directors, as well as the chair, will also be discussed.

Panel Conversation: Inside the Boardroom

Our panel of seasoned chairs will share their unique stories and lessons learned as leaders of family business boards. This interactive opportunity offers a chance to dive deeper into real-world cases and apply the new concepts learned during The Chair Forum.

Networking Reception and DinnerGene_and_Georgetti-201-300x200

Meet, mix and mingle with other participants and program faculty during a relaxing reception at Gene & Georgetti — one of Chicago’s finest steakhouses, family owned and operated since 1941.


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