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Helping Family Businesses
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Speakers Bureau

As part of our mission to educate families on the unique challenges and opportunities of family business, The Family Business Consulting Group is the leading provider of keynotes, workshops, webinars and other presentations on family business topics. 

FBCG Speaking EngagementsOur team of in-the-field practitioners blend case studies and real world experiences with the latest research and understanding of family business systems to create uniquely compelling and informational programs on a wide variety of topics and in a selection of formats, including both live and webinar options.

Audiences consistently give our programs high marks for the richness of the content, relatability of the presentation, and warm, affable style of those at the front of the room.

We present to family business centers, family groups, trade associations, franchise groups, and professional service firms serving family business and family wealth around the world. 

For Family Audiences:

Our team has an incredible depth and breadth of experiences on a wide variety of family business topics. For audiences that are familiar with family business issues and family systems, our presentations can be both high level and deeply practical and applicable to their situations. Presentations are always customized to the audience. A sample list of topics would include:

  • Family Business Basics
  • Next Generation Training and Development
  • Proven Strategies for Generational Transition
  • Business Governance
  • Leadership Development in the Family Business
  • Succession and Continuity Planning
  • Compensation in the Family Business
  • Family Governance (Family Councils, Family Constitutions)
  • Aligning Mission, Vision and Values
  • Challenges in the Sibling Generation/Cousin Generation
  • Accountability in the Family Firm
  • Performance Management in the Family Business
  • Ownership and Estate Planning from a Family Perspective
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication
  • Family Business Policies
  • Family Meetings
  • Engaging Effective Shareholders
  • Family Education
  • Financial Education and Finance for Non-Financial Managers
  • Family Business as Paradox
  • Women in the Family Business
  • Fairness in the Family Business

For Trade Associations, Franchisors and Dealer Groups:

In many industries, the vast majority of companies are family-owned and/or operated. Many of these companies are dealing with family business issues every day and aren't aware that there are ways to minimize negative impacts on the business and align the family in a way that provides a competitive advantage. For industry audiences, we often present introductory-level topics for family businesses followed by a similar topic targeted towards non-family companies. Sample topics include:

  • Family Business Basics
  • Working in and with Family Businesses
  • Best Practices in The Most Successful Family Businesses
  • Best Practices for Family Firm Continuity
  • Managing Conflict in the Family Business
  • Management Succession for Non-Family Businesses
  • Making a Family Business Work
  • Opportunities & Challenges for Family Business
  • Communication in the Family Business

For Advisors:

Any advisor to family business or family wealth will run into challenges around the family dynamic as part of their work. As non-competitive resources for these professionals in their day-to-day work, we have extensive knowledge of the ways that the family business structure and dynamic affects decisions around investing, estate planning, tax planning, ownership, compensation, strategic planning and more. We equip advisors to better identify when these issues affect their work and how to navigate them through presentations such as:

  • Family Business Basics
  • Succession & Continuity Planning in the Family Business
  • Ownership in the Next Generation
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning from the Family Point of View
  • Family Business Conflict Management and Communication
  • Fairness in the Family Business
  • The Role of Governance in Family Business Continuity
  • Training and Development for the Next Generation

Learn More About Our Educational Programs

We can help you identify the topic and speaker that are right for your group and your goals. To start the conversation and receive recommendations, testimonials and more, contact us.

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