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Preparing the Board for a Non-Family CEO

Author: Otis Baskin & Chris Eckrich Source: FBA


Developing a Philosophy of Compensation

A good compensation plan should provide incentives so that everybody involved in the business works for what is best for all. To accomplish that, the plan must reflect the business’s core philosophy.


Research Shows: Family Firms Have Special Strategic Advantages

The latest research says: Family Controlled Firms have superior financial performance. Family Controlled Firms are more successful with vertical integration strategies. Family Controlled Firms are more successful with diversification strategies.


Rotational Systems: An Approach to Career Development

By Jennifer M. Pendergast, Ph.D. and Amy Schuman Many family businesses assume that the best way to prepare members of the next generation for work in the business is to move them through a series of different jobs over a period of time. Whether or not the next-generation family members have worked outside the business, they are often encouraged to gain wide exposure within the business before settling down in one position.


In-Laws or Outlaws? Making Siblings' Spouses Part of the Team

When Angela married David, she was excited about joining a high-energy, well-respected, affluent family in a small, mid-western town. True, she had to move from her beloved California,and leave behind a teaching job.


Bringing Stepfamilies into the Family Business

Mark, a successful entrepreneur, had a plastic molding enterprise that expanded to include factories in England and Russia. While growth led to more success in his company, an expansion in his personal life eventually threatened the business.


Family Education through Roles in the Business: Getting Buy-In From Key Non-Family Managers

By Chris Eckrich and Steve McClure Business-owning families are always challenged with the potential of “us/them” relationships with non-family management. Nowhere is this more evident then when educating young family members through roles in the business. Exposure to a non-family manager or key employee, through a mentor relationship, a summer job or an entry-level job in the family business, is a unique educational opportunity for young family members. To maximize the learning potential of ​


Transitioning from Family Leadership to Non-Family CEO: Best Practices for Maintaining a Family Enterprise

As a family business moves down the generations, the likelihood that it will need to turn to a non-family leader increases. Because of either lack of interest or lack of skills, families frequently find themselves in the situation of having to consider a non-family leader. The ability to navigate this change successfully is one of the determinants of family business survival.


The Non-Strategic Value of Directors

Author: Kelly LeCouvie Source: The Family Business Advisor


What Family Business Owners Deserve

Every owner has certain legal rights—for example, if they have voting stock, the right to vote their shares.

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