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Family Business Policies: Why You Need Them

Policies help avoid problems and conflicts before they happen. They eliminate or reduce future tension. When families take the time to identify and discuss issues that might lead to future disagreement and tension, they are actually determining the most important areas in which policies might be needed.​


Family Business In-Laws

Some call themselves outlaws because they feel so remote from the family's business. Parents, feeling helpless, cross their fingers and hold their breath.


Trust: The Basis of Family Business Advantage

Our experience and research suggests that family businesses have several competitive advantages. You've read in the Family Business Advisor about the patience that permits long-term strategies, the "family effect" that reduces capital costs, commitment to quality and service, loyalty among employees and other factors which seem to be more frequently found in family businesses that have


Family Employment and Career Guidance: One Size Does Not Fit All

Author: Amy M. Schuman Source: Professional Insight


Getting the Most Out of Your Board

Author: Jennifer Pendergast, Ph.D. Source: From the Boardroom


The Roles and Responsibilities of Family Ownership

By John Ward, Ph.D. There has been a broad discussion around the roles and responsibilities of boards in family enterprises.


The Disinheritors

Author: Ross W. Nager Source: Professional Insight


Nuptial Agreements: How Do I Love Thee?

Nuptial Agreements: How Do I Love Thee?


Ownership Matters

I recently participated in a conference recognizing and celebrating 100-year-old family businesses.


Preparing the Board for a Non-Family CEO

Author: Otis Baskin & Chris Eckrich Source: FBA

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