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Filling a Board Vacancy: Using Gap Analysis to Capture Opportunities

By Steve McClure Whether you have an advisory board with a few independents, a predominantly family board or a professional board with a majority of independent directors, a vacancy on an active board creates an opportunity to bring in needed knowledge or new ideas, with a few key constraints. In contrast to family firms that are establishing their first board or reconfiguring their entire board, when replacing one director that individual must be the right fit with all other family and...


Should I Leave the Family Business? To Go or Not to Go

By Stephanie Brun de Pontet and Chris Eckrich If you're considering leaving the family business, make sure it's for the right reasons. Thoughts on critical questions to ask yourself to see if leaving the family business is the right decision for you. By Stephanie Brun de Pontet and Chris Eckrich.​


The Status Effect: How Ego Plays Out in Family Firms

We find that helping families better understand the sources of tension in both their family and work systems can give them more choices to better manage those tensions.


Ten Rules for Successful CEOs in Family Firms

Who should lead the family firm when a family member can't, won't or shouldn't? Are there strategies that can be employed to improve the odds of success of non-family CEOs? What can family owners do to develop successful relationships with their non-family CEOs? 04/01/2016


Deeply Held Values Enable Genuinely Rewarding Life

Author: Stephanie Brun de Pontet Source: FBA


Family Venture Capital

Author: Norb Schwarz Source: FBA


Fair Process: So Important, So Subtle

We’ve written on many occasions about how the perceptions of fairness in family decision-making are so critical to family unity and commitment. We’ve explained how the design of the decision-making process affects perceptions of fairness.


Building A Healthy Team

Turning any group of people into a team is a tough assignment. Forging two or more siblings into a team, especially if they didn''t have team-building experiences growing up, is even tougher. The emotional issues we talked about earlier frequently get in the way--all the more reason to be aware of and understand these issues so that any negative impacts can be minimized or prevented altogether.


The Leverage of Kindness

Blanche DuBois depended on “the kindness of strangers” in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. It is a curious behavioral attribute that most of us possess; we are indeed kind to strangers. It doesn’t seem to take much effort and it makes us feel good.


Sibling Code of Conduct

Here’s a good example of a Sibling Code of Conduct, developed to clarify the expectations of a team of sibling owners and to reinforce and make explicit their commitment to one another.

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