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David Karofsky Joins FBCG Ownership Group

“We are proud to announce that David Karofsky has become part of our ownership team,” said Steve McClure, principal owner and chair of The Family Business Consulting Group. “David has been an active contributor to our firm in many ways, including collaborating with many of us on client work, enhancing and expanding FBCG's consulting tools and most recently, helping our team pivot to respond to current client needs.”


Aligning the Family Enterprise: Should We Meet In-Person or Virtually?

To support you and your family business systems as you review and consider this decision, we offer the following framework: • Factors to consider in making this decision, and; • An outline of fair process to use as you come to a consensus decision


Remote Togetherness: Leveraging the Role of Virtual Meetings in Family Business

Communication is critical to family business and during this pandemic being proactive in communicating while we are dealing with physical isolation is more important than ever. If you haven’t already started, we recommend that you give video meetings a serious try and strive to run them in a way that complements and even enhances your family and business culture. We encourage you to get creative and use them in ways you never thought you would.


Doug Gray Joins The Family Business Consulting Group

The Family Business Consulting Group welcomes Doug Gray, Ph.D. as its newest consultant specializing in leadership development, succession planning and building family unity in enterprising families. He assists family-owned firms and leadership teams with assessments and strategic solutions that leverage his expertise in positive psychology, outcome-based consulting, executive coaching, conflict resolution, family meeting facilitation and succession planning.


The Five Fundamental Building Blocks of Strong Family Businesses

I believe there are five fundamental building blocks of family business that must be learned and consistently revisited in order to give the business the best chance for success.


Family Enterprise Superpowers Offer Strength in Tumultuous Times

Strong family firms succeed across the generations because of a commitment and ability to grow through adversity. They reinvent their businesses when industries change. They harvest and redeploy assets in family offices as good stewards of what they have been given. They create foundations to direct their wealth into important initiatives that benefit us all. These are the results of special characteristics shared by family enterprises around the world.


Leading Your Family Business During a Crisis

It is always lonely at the top – and never more so than when confronting difficult decisions that impact many people. Lean into the support networks you have developed – from your board to your management team to your family and friends. Make sure you are taking care of yourself so that you are able to bring your best thinking and communicating to the important role you are playing.


From the Front Lines of Family Business: Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis

Michael Fassler, one of our principal consultants recently shared this story of one client’s response to the Coronavirus Crisis. This is a family business in the construction business with approximately 60 employees. The CEO, like many of our clients, reports an unprecedented challenge.


Drawing Closer While Keeping Your Distance

We are living through a crisis and social distancing is the best coping response we now have. But I am concerned about the long-term impact on our families not only of the crisis itself, but the impact of our steps to cope. That’s because all families cope with crises in one of two ways: either by coming together or by coming apart.


Getting into the Horizontal Box: Aligning Family Business Owners

In order for changes to occur in the organization, the sisters must begin to look at their family business not from the vertical perspective of finance, operations and sales but rather from the horizontal perspective of family ownership. This will help Tina, Brenda and Jen to think across business lines and make decisions, as owners, for what is best for the business.

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