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Four Generations, One Workforce: Valuing Generational Differences in a Family Business

While these multiple generations affect all of society, they are having an especially unique impact on family businesses. The ongoing struggle between honoring tradition and pioneering change is playing out as Traditionalists and Baby Boomers try to maintain the family business values and guiding principles, while X-gens and Millennials seek more rapid change, particularly in the culture of the workplace.​


Why Wait? The Financial and Emotional Rewards of Philanthropic Giving

Enterprise-owning families work for generations to build their wealth but most do not invest the time to plan for transferring it effectively. By Jennifer Pendergast and guest contributor Bo Wilkins FBA August 2017

FBCG Next Gen Education

Family Business Education for the Next Generation

The goal of family business education for the next generation is acquiring collective wisdom that could last centuries. That’s why the time and the effort to provide it are so worthwhile for the family and the business.


What Do Family Councils Do?

Family Councils initiate activities and perform duties to achieve very important outcomes – helping families achieve their missions and visions with great purpose.

Back to the future of your family business

Back to the Future - of Your Family Business

“Are family businesses often forced down a path as a result of past unresolved conflict in the family?” As I thought more about this, I suddenly remembered the scene in the movie Back to the Future II where Doc Brown is explaining the space/time continuum path to Marty McFly, and how his going back to 1955 in the first movie disrupted the universe: “Our only chance to repair the present is in the past, at the point where the timeline skewed into this tangent.”


Delivering a Difficult Message: Performance Feedback in a Family Business

For most people in most situations, delivering a difficult message is, well, difficult. Delivering a difficult message in a family business is typically even more challenging because of the multiple and deeply personal relationships that exist. Difficult messages must be delivered, though, and avoiding this task will likely only make matters worse. By David Ransburg


Why the World Needs Family Business Consultants

An excellent family business consultant is probably the only advisor you’ll work with who considers how family, management, ownership and governance impact each other on a day-to-day basis and is able to create a safe place to openly and creatively consider how these four necessary business systems uniquely and powerfully affect your family and your enterprise.


Solving the Puzzle of Ownership Alignment in a Family Enterprise

Successful ownership alignment is a continuous process rather than an end or accomplishment in itself. The ever-evolving, complex life cycles of the business, family and individuals cause constant shifts in perspective, goals and interests over time that make true continuous alignment an elusive and dynamic pursuit. Ownership alignment is more like an ongoing cycle of seeking and building consensus, then having it fray and unravel only to rebuild it all over again. Wendy Sage-Hayward


Family Business Meetings: Proper Planning for Effective Results

From shareholder assemblies to family gatherings, when family members feel that the meetings are not a good investment of their time, they are less engaged and the outcome is often unproductive. The good news is that with thoughtful planning and orchestration before the meeting, the family can participate in effective dialogue together and produce meaningful results. By Joshua Nacht, Ph.D.


Is there value to having more than two independent directors serving on a family business fiduciary board?

Is there value to having more than two independent directors serving on a family business fiduciary board? We asked some of our top family business governance experts to share their advice and experiences. Family Business Boardroom newsletter

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