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Why the World Needs Family Business Consultants

An excellent family business consultant is probably the only advisor you’ll work with who considers how family, management, ownership and governance impact each other on a day-to-day basis and is able to create a safe place to openly and creatively consider how these four necessary business systems uniquely and powerfully affect your family and your enterprise.


Solving the Puzzle of Ownership Alignment in a Family Enterprise

Successful ownership alignment is a continuous process rather than an end or accomplishment in itself. The ever-evolving, complex life cycles of the business, family and individuals cause constant shifts in perspective, goals and interests over time that make true continuous alignment an elusive and dynamic pursuit. Ownership alignment is more like an ongoing cycle of seeking and building consensus, then having it fray and unravel only to rebuild it all over again. Wendy Sage-Hayward


Family Business Meetings: Proper Planning for Effective Results

From shareholder assemblies to family gatherings, when family members feel that the meetings are not a good investment of their time, they are less engaged and the outcome is often unproductive. The good news is that with thoughtful planning and orchestration before the meeting, the family can participate in effective dialogue together and produce meaningful results. By Joshua Nacht, Ph.D.


Is there value to having more than two independent directors serving on a family business fiduciary board?

Is there value to having more than two independent directors serving on a family business fiduciary board? We asked some of our top family business governance experts to share their advice and experiences. Family Business Boardroom newsletter


Seven Steps to Recruiting Value Add Independent Directors

Incorporating independent directors into a family firm’s board is considered one of the standards for family business success. The prospect of finding independent directors who can both challenge business leaders and represent ownership interests can be daunting. Following these seven steps will help identify directors who will add value to the family business enterprise. By Anne Hargrave | The Family Business Boardroom


Stewardship: A Very Practical Family Business Theory

In a family business, a stewardship climate is one in which individuals are more likely to be intrinsically rather extrinsically motivated, identify highly with the organization, and use personal, rather than positional, power. In addition, at the organizational level, family businesses displaying stewardship climate are those with a collectivist culture, rather than an individualistic culture, have a low power distance in their organizations and have a high involvement orientation. 1/11/17


Unsticking Succession: Common Obstacles and a Path Forward

This article arose from a specific question from a family enterprise leader: “I know that I have to plan for succession and I know everything I should be doing, but I’m not making any progress. How do I get unstuck?” Succession planning remains a critical focus for many family firms. We hope this review of a fundamental family business concern sparks some new thinking and some positive momentum to kick off your planning.


Budgeting for Family in the Family Business

We find that implementing a formal budgeting process for family work is valuable, regardless of whether these questions have been raised. Creating a budget engages the family, shareholders and management in a conversation that aligns them around its goals and priorities for the family and the business. It also makes explicit the investment is being made in family unity and shareholder development.


Co-CEO Structure: Are Two Heads Better than One in a Family Business?

The skills required to run a company continue to increase, and there is less margin for error when change is the norm and competitors respond to bad decisions at lightning speed. Co-leadership models have been used by family businesses for centuries, but not frequently. Today, that frequency is increasing. The purpose of this article is not to advocate or oppose a co-CEO model. Nor is it to provide empirical evidence for or against co-leadership; such evidence is scant and anecdotal at best.


How should family businesses cultivate and prepare the next generation for board service?

How should family businesses cultivate and prepare the next generation for board service? Advice from our governance experts Craig Aronoff, Otis Baskin and Kelly LeCouvie Originally appeared in The Family Business Boardroom, September 2016

Results: 790 Record(s) Found.

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