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Getting the Right Mix of Family Members and Independents for a High-Performance Family Business Board

A cornerstone of effective family business governance is developing strong boards of directors. One board factor that correlates with family business performance and continuity is the addition of outside independent directors. Another factor that has not received as much attention, is the importance of developing family members into strong directors, capable of complementing the independent outside directors. FBA July 2018


Empathy and Expectations in Family Businesses: What We Can Learn From Twins

Twins teach us that we are all different and that it takes work to develop empathy and manage expectations. The rewards are worth it though because we can better our families, our businesses, and ultimately the world.


The Family Business is Not a Life Sentence

For many of us, being a part of our family’s business is a deeply fulfilling experience. But for others, a career with the family can feel like a life sentence without parole. In my work as a family business consultant, I’ve been called in to advise in many instances in which the fit between individual and family business just wasn’t right. And while the ideal is finding a way to make it work for everyone, sometimes that’s just not possible.


Integrated Family Business Governance: The Important Role of Ownership

Owners who are serious about, and committed to, their roles as stewards have a fundamental responsibility to drive and oversee the governance structures and processes of the family and the business to ensure communication and education in the family system and independence and accountability in the business system.


A Founder Dies

Due to the complex network of roles and relationships in a family enterprise, a founder’s death brings with it a set of unique challenges for enterprising families. In working with business families and families of wealth over the past 20 years, I have noted a few apparently repetitive dynamics that emerge in some families when their patriarchs die.


Manage Change Better in Your Family Enterprise

Whether transitioning to new business, changing governance leadership, managing the aftermath of a long-anticipated liquidity event, or moving from centralized family leadership to governance that includes more voices, business families must learn to anticipate and confidently handle change. Change management principles are not new; yet there are special considerations when applying them to a business family.


From Leadership to….? Planning for a meaningful future when you are no longer at the helm

Because the work we do with enterprising families is often centered around helping them focus on important planning for the future, we often see how urgent matters can make this longer-term planning difficult to prioritize. One aspect of longer-term continuity planning that is often underdeveloped is the planning leader’s need to make plans for their own personal continued sense of fulfillment and joy when they are no longer in a daily leadership role in the business.


Selecting Board Members: Guidelines for an Effective Nominating Process

We all want the same results. All family businesses want to build enterprise value, protect family relationships, and maintain continuity through generations. The right board of directors (qualified, trustworthy, and objective) is a key factor in those results. But how do you assure you have the right directors, and that they will be trusted and respected by owners and management? A well-designed nominating process is key to getting the right people in place.


Family Owner Development -- The Foundation for Continuity

Providing your family’s enterprise with the competitive advantage of an effective owner team requires foresight and the commitment of significant family resources to both the planning and delivery of development opportunities. The good news is that despite a daunting list of competencies required, if you start early, you have plenty of time to influence potential owners.


Family Business Employment Policies: Evening the Playing Field for the Next-Generation

“Family employment policy” may sound formal and intimidating, when in reality, it takes away some of the stress that arises in a business in transition and sets the next generation up for success. At its basic level, it is an agreement on the general principles and guidelines surrounding the development of the next generation and their involvement in the family business. It is simply a roadmap. A sound family employment policy addresses the following key areas.

Results: 806 Record(s) Found.

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