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Looking at Family Business Trends with 2020 Vision

One benefit we experience from having 25 consultants who have worked in 70+ countries with over 2,500 business-owning families is the opportunity to spot emerging trends in our field. Through daily interactions, we keep an up-to-date sense of our clients’ headaches and heartaches. By identifying the trends in these challenges then working together to understand the opportunities they bring with them, we gain insights and knowledge to help our clients prosper across generations.


Uncommon Wisdom on Welcoming Newcomers to Enterprising Families

Clients often ask how they can be more purposeful in making new family members feel welcome not only within their families, but also at family meetings where business and family information is shared. In response, this article outlines approaches used by families who regularly meet to discuss their business interests, usually in the form of family meetings or family council meetings.


The Importance of Honoring Milestones

A unique strength of family businesses is that they often focus as much on the triumphs and challenges of generations past as their aspirations for generations to come. Many family companies see anniversaries as opportunities to reflect on their history and values. We share how The Family Business Consulting Group commemorated its 25th anniversary in August 2019.


Fun with a Purpose: How Highlights Magazine Celebrated its 60th Anniversary

Highlights partnered with the United States Postal Service to deliver the one-billionth copy of Highlights magazine to a young subscriber in Dallas, Texas. The girl and her family were presented with the one-billionth copy during a special party celebrating the 60th anniversary of Highlights magazine attended by other children from the Dallas area.


Successful Family Directors Are Not Born, They Are Planned and Developed

Even families with well-established professional boards that include capable independent directors, good board processes and value-added meetings will run into challenges around the role of family with the board of directors. Let’s consider some of these issues to highlight the underlying dilemmas and trade-offs that may need to be considered when determining the right path for your own family’s board.​


10 Tips and Ideas for a Successful Company Anniversary

We’ve had the honor of interviewing more than 80 executives who embraced the challenges and opportunities that come with leading an anniversary campaign. They have openly shared lessons learned about what worked, what didn’t, and why.


Avoid the Pitfall of Systemic Uncertainty When Making Decisions About Shared Family Assets

Whether the assets consist of an operating business, a portfolio of invested securities, a family foundation, real estate holdings or other shared holdings, this ownership transition, involving a shift from a single controlling owner with a single voice in decision making, to potentially many family owners with many voices in decision making, could introduce a level of systemic uncertainty into the family system.


Risk Management: A Multi-Faceted Challenge

Risk management should be considered part of the strategic planning process, versus a distinct initiative. It is not a separate project. Awareness of what risks you face in your business, and a process for mitigating those risks lead to better-informed decisions and increases the likelihood of realizing your strategic goals.


Barb Dartt Joins FBCG Ownership Group

“It is with great pleasure and much enthusiasm that the owners announce and welcome Barb Dartt as our newest owner and partner,” said Steve McClure, principal owner and chair of The Family Business Consulting Group.


The Family Business Consulting Group Welcomes Tom Emigh

Tom Emigh is a consultant with The Family Business Consulting Group motivated by Mission, Values and Leadership. He is passionate about helping family businesses pursue a successful and compelling mission through developing individuals and owning families to become better at everything they do.

Results: 800 Record(s) Found.

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